taxes are too damn low !

By Owen Paine on Tuesday July 3, 2012 06:46 PM

the bourbon core of the Dems
would love to scream that out

earlier i linked to this:

no takers

fuck it

i think it bares another exposure
to this ever more kulturkampf slanted site's readers

"Our problem is that while we want the public to buy into our notion of a common good, we quake at the notion of explaining to taxpayers that the common good might lead to a few percentage points’ rise in tax rates........"

"The next progressive project has to take on our ongoing failure to talk taxes with the public."

"This project need not be a Mondale-esque act of political seppuku where progressives are exploited by the right for our candor. "

"Perhaps in a period when robust growth has returned and the labor market has bounced back, we can begin to talk—for the first time—about taxes and obligation "

"We face two failures: by the government and of the governed."

" Our government refuses to be honest with the public about what needs to be done. "

"And that refusal has left us with American taxpayers who don’t realize, or refuse to realize, the choice that looms:

higher taxes and the preservation of the American state as they know it;
or the rates as they are—even lower!—
and an America far different from the one their grandparents built."

for those of you way too hip to flip over such pwog foolery
such spangled gabbling i'm sure only produce a kool piff
followed by a finger run thru your hair

old lobster clawed glove headed owen paine here
sees that passage
as the very blue ribbon winner
out of quite a frightful nexus of pond pwog croaks
these past couple months


same site

"The American public has always and will always be willing to do whatever it takes to keep us safe. (Especially the Scotch-Irish heritage concentrations in swing states like NC, VA, PA and FL who’ve enjoyed 200 years of deciding elections)"

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"old lobster clawed glove headed owen paine here
sees that passage
as the very blue ribbon winner
out of quite a frightful nexus of pond pwog croaks
these past couple months"

OP, we've had our differences but I'm hearing ya on this one.

The liberals want us to pay for our imperialistic adventures with taxes!!!!


anne shew:

owen, i did note something of this last night , and had some thoughts on something of , could you compare for me and others , in there being a suggest a while back that you are more familiar with my own country than some others here , could you compare what comes to mind of this writing , and of taxing ,..of your country to my own .. ?


Pearls before swine, Owen. Speaking here as one of the swine -- the Porker-In-Chief, matter of fact. Alpha boar (or bore, according to taste).

Jesus, they got their Chief AdjudiCAted tax. I'm sure that ain't all. Look for more publicly applied, privately assessed fees to hike up the holler.


So, when you start an article like this:

"We believe that government can play a vital role in building a strong middle class and spurring economic growth."

I can't help but assume the rest of it is also going to be bland advertising speak.

That second link is not only gross and kinda stupid, it's also confusing:

"Don’t call a Marine a Soldier. S/he is a Marine. I love you very much Senator Boxer, but your “Don’t call me ma’am, call me Senator,” moment set back a lot of work progressives have been doing to help veterans by sewing seeds of mistrust."

Unpack this for me: I missed this particular Senator Boxer moment, so... what does this example have to do with using the proper form of address for military folk?

Does this basically translate to "Always use the proper form of address for military personnel. Never expect them to extend the same courtesy"?

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