the do bee don't bee era

By Owen Paine on Saturday July 28, 2012 11:55 AM

i suspect Clio has closed the book on my swinish generation of amerikan educateds

we got 16 years in power clinton and baby bush
the do bee and the don't bee of boomerhood
and that's a palindrome gang
its true looked at both ways

no matter from which end of the national sewer pipe
you view my generations "prime time "

what an aweful record ?

i know lots here think barry deserves a thrashing but really do we want to give another boomer a shot at crapping on mother earth ?

ya i'm talking out of both sides of my loud mouth these days
one post it's go mitt post....fuck mitt

so sue me
ya pink panty bastids !

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Robama (1961) Obomney (1947) are both boomers (1946 thru 1964)


46 thru 61 maqkes more sense
and cusp calls are really beneath contempt

barry is xer material for sure

Now I know for sure you're the kind of commentator who drinks on a summer Sunday p.m. and posts. And I'm the same sort who reads it.


Maybe I'm one day ahead and you were on Saturday, not Sunday. Whoops.

But you know, it's true looked at both ways. . .

Even if one doesn't drink and post.

I know it's popular these days, but please lay off the friggin' Boomers already, man.

There's really awesome folks who are beacons to the others, there's loathsome scum-sucking bastards who also serve as examples to the others, then there's all the rest of them who struggle through life just trying to be halfway decent folks.

It's no surprise that the Boomers who made it to the White House were the kind of skeezy pricks who get themselves elected SGA President back in high school. Every generation's got their share, including M-M-My G-G-G-Generation.

Yer pal, a
teenage wasteland survivor (1957)

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