The silly season: opening day

By Michael J. Smith on Monday July 9, 2012 08:51 PM

I just got an email -- not a robo-mail, a real email, from somebody I actually know -- about the Supreme Court. The Dog-star now officially rages; all bedlam is let out. When your friends start fretting about the Supreme Court, it's time to head for the hills until mid-November.

It's hard to find a picture of the Supreme Court that does justice to the supernal silliness of that institution. Clarence Thomas' waxwork face -- Ginzburg's lace doily -- Roberts' Rotarian false grin -- Kagan's striking resemblance to her dad, the crooked real-estate lawyer, an old antagonist of mine. Scalia, looking like a bouncer in a downscale night club. What a rogue's gallery. And that horrible overblown 1930s satrap-style temple of theirs; like the Parthenon put through a trash compactor. Octastyle, for grandeur, but... petite. Real estate in DC is quite expensive.

Still, if my good-hearted friends are to be believed, these nine goons, in their masquerade garb and their boutique mausoleum, have all our lives in their judicious hands.

Let the record show that the same reactionary court which gave us 'Citizens United' also upheld Obie's Compulsory Tithe To Insurance Companies. Is this a case of refined sedulous legal reasoning? A road-to-Damascus change of Roberts' heart? Or -- and this is the null hypothesis -- business as usual, in both cases? What elite consensus wants, the Supreme Court -- in its infinite wisdom -- finds a way to grant.

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Kagan looks a lot like Doug Heffernan from King of Queesn!

That's King of Queens!


The latest SCOTUS—whose crooked real estate lawyer père was so ably profiled by André M. Smith—is on a three week visit to a land renowned for it's "great the rule of law".


lady Kagan
is the first avowed disciple
of the late sidney hook
to sit among those demi gods

her father once courted
sidney's niece
connie noodleman

You could say all you want about all that shit, and you'd be right... but I'm surprised you'd miss Massuh Justice Rehnquist's robe design that he stole from a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta.

Talk about pomposity. That goddamn' robe looks even sillier than Miz Justice Ginsburg's dumb-assed little lace doily collar.

I'm also glad to see someone else shares my opinion of government architecture here in the Seat Of The Empire. If it's not that ponderous faux-Stalinist Roosevelt-era shit, it all the pretentious-assed mashed-up fake Greco-Roman bullshit. I live on Capitol Hill, and I get that ugly shit rubbed in my face every time I so much as go to the grocery store. Every time I need to take the Metro someplace, I'm forced to go through Union Station. Oh, what an overwrought imitation Beaux Arts pile that goddamn' thing is. Even worse is the Thurgood Marshall Judicial Building directly across the street; completed in 1992, it attempts to echo the style of Union Station, except it ends up looking like a copy of Union Station built with Legos.

The DW -- Lord love her -- seems to pretty much worship those self-important fake Greco-Roman piles. Personally, my favorite Federal buildings are the East Building of the National Gallery (another I.M. Pei rocker) and the Air And Space Museum building. The National Gallery East Building has the biggest goddamn' Calder you've ever seen in your life hanging in its main atrium, and the main hall of the NASM Building has the Apollo 11 Command Module displayed in it. Now, that's class.


I’m sorry to be so off topic (and yeah I really don’t like Kagan, and felt validated by a post (about a year ago) you made re your face to face with her prick daddy Michael), but I’m despising Nancy Grace and the UZ for the stunning historical cruelty which lead to a young black woman lighting herself afire yesterday; as if the Bipartisan halls of Congress aren’t loaded with the drug addicted, though not the same drug addiction as those whose lives are filled with abuse from day one.

Someone, not drunk, can stunningly easily and horrifyingly contribute to their own child’s death. FUCK Nancy Grace. The UZ has quite gladly contributed to lethal addictions (they are absolutely aware that those who can’t afford healthcare turn to cigarettes and alcohol for a brief respite which ends up being a high revenue producing, lifelong chain, .... on the neck) The UZ loves pushing its victims against a wall, in compromising situations so it can demonize them, while if there’s a stench in the house, it’s actually the UZ.


(and Fuck Michele Obama too, for maliciously picking on those she's far more powerful than. ...Geithner and her 'visiting' an urban grocery store in filladelphia?????? ...Buying stunningly expensive vacuum wrapped orange slices to show the victims how they could eat, if they could ever afford it?????????)


(especially after so many of those urban dwellers lost their homes to Geithner $&$ pals ..... (just in case I need to clarify there: all those who engage in the horrifying musical stool game, .... pretending (to say the very least) that ultimate viciousness,... is actually a virtue).)


(oh, so sorry, left off the end note: right parenthesis mark of that equation. ..Given that Math/Science!!!!! FAILURE!!!!!!! ......perhaps I should do society a favor and admit that I'm such a non entity (among GAWD[ESSA]Z!!!!!!!!!!) that I probably shouldn't be allowed to take up such precious: real estate space, oxygen, vittles, ..and H2O...???????)

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