Theaters of war

By Mike Flugennock on Thursday July 26, 2012 07:19 PM

In a now-predictable pattern, Emperor Barack Obama -- who claims the right to assassinate anyone at any time anywhere, who maintains a “kill list” of potential assassination victims, and whose drone strikes have murdered thousands of civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen -- delivered the now-standard scripted Tourette’s outburst of false compassion and sympathy for murdered civilians in the Aurora movie-theater shootup.

Also, in a now-predictable pattern, the US news media fawned over the Boy Emperor’s gushing, unflinchingly, unquestioningly, and without the slightest sense of irony.

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anne shew:

there are men that live in the streets around me here , sweet men , gentle men , in the streets because they can't keep steady work because they can't control the blurting out of what they fear most that they might , these cries out are truly out of their control , of what they say out too loud , shame on you , on using the name tourette's in that way , of no compassion you are


Thank you Mike Flugennock, I think it takes a lot of courage for you to have posted that, and I agree wholeheartedly, commentary and all.


"it takes a lot of courage
for you to have posted that"

not here
in fact here
to out loud and without sermon
to lamment the slaughter
of those trivial theatre bats

that would be the daring chance taking act

in fact diane your praise of mighty mike
puts me in mind
of a now
paine word string retainer
by some scene stealing crepe be-decked
meat box or other
over at counter-pouch

stuck me right thru the temple it did

some what along those same lines as yours

you know
Alex making a career of bravely speaking out and such and so forth and more so

what kinked me was what followed
some phrase or two
about at least we still had that "right"
we small pink things

we still
here in the beast's belly

can speak out !!!

fuck mates

what a cheap boobie prize that is

and to think there are soul-specks like me
that can live on it ...

what of us nyet screaming
crum eaters of empire ?

ya nasty bits aren't we ....

its the 1984 states black brown or red
that make
for real stout and endangered hearts

ours are only safely bleeding.....
oceans of ink



i don't think iron mike meant anything beyond

the analogy

involuntary savage word barks
on the one hand

and soul less
autopilot produced
pol's condolences
on the other

anne shew:

owen, dig deeper for understanding , these men that i mention , go to live under the passes here , to .. away from others , in their not wanting to bother anyone with what they can't keep in of these words that haunt them , keep in of their out of mouth with out something of their mind's want to say ,from their can't control of thoughts , i've seen self mutilation in trying to keep what they don't mean to say from effecting others


anne s :
"i've seen self mutilation in trying to keep what they don't mean to say from effecting others "

might i suggest to u

tourette's syndrome
described as you have
is a remarkably
compact expression
of the human condition

as much as i might wish otherwsie
i don't have very much more
for empathy
then a yellow salamander


I disagree with your comment about courage, or lack of it, in regards to Mike’s post, Owen. Of course there are degrees of courage; but - given the tracking and undeletable permanence of the web ink and the increasing government attacks on it - to put one’s self in a position where they could easily become unhireable by the ones with the coin to pay a livable wage, is certainly a degree of courage, to my mind, ...and not just safely bleeding..... oceans of ink.

anne shew:

owen, of the last part of your response here .. of capacity for .. , of your not able , of your own mind's reach and react somehow disabled ? /and u are too forward in your suggest , those words .. mine as they are put together in knowing of , speak only for and of those mentioned


Furthering the discussion about degrees of ‘courage’ Owen, for whatever it’s worth. If the UZ didn’t consider web murmurings a threat they wouldn’t have spent all that the money to infiltrate the murmurings with creeps like Adrian Lamo. Sure some of the web creeps are just passive aggressive sociopaths who wouldn’t have the nerve to be so nasty face to face, but many are paid, some of whom are truly subtle (picking and shaming at gnats, when whole villages are being indiscriminatingly bombed), is my thought.

Also, for many in their adult years - who have kids, and older parents they’re now feeling economically responsible for - they might not be able to put themselves in a position of being thrown in jail via physical protests when someone else’s wellbeing, or survival, is dependent on them; especially during such times when so many have been made transient and therefore can’t rely on community support if they become unable to take care of their loved ones.

Al Schumann:

I think you're largely right, Diane, but I have a few words in Owen's defense. Most of us here are ineligible for the kind of work in work in which web murmurs would be disqualifying baggage. None of our nearest and dearest stand to be "infected" by association. It's liberating, in its way, although not to the point where it would be possible to ignore the scenarios you outline in your last paragraph.


Thank you much for the thoughtful and clarifying response Al, your overall concern for people is very noticeable, as is what seems to me to be Owen's overall concern, though in a far different manner (not that that's a bad thing, just a difference).



you are of course right

with mouths to feed
miles to go ..etc

but as Al suggests some of us are well rigged for depth charge runs over head

okay so they might turn a few of us into
spider monkeys some day
but for now that strikes me as self agrandizing

it would be nice
if we could hit such
systemic nerves


"If the UZ didn’t consider web murmurings a threat they wouldn’t have spent all that the money to infiltrate the murmurings with creeps like Adrian Lamo"my guess that's all just cheap gags and experimentation
like the deep cover security state's
brief LSD craze

i agree the inter is if not feared
at least a real concern of
the smarter heads among
our guardian profit elite

but as a means of mobilization co ordination and fast info distribution
not because it can serve
as a global wide moon scape
for some fog horn leg horn
rhode island red
cock o' doodle doo-ing
from atop his virtual coop
in menlo park or cedar rapids


Well Owen, I suppose one could look at it all as cheap gags, until one gets snagged up in it, for life, Bradley Manning, or, like those youngsters sought out by the FBI, provided with plots and then ensnared as Terrorists. (I will admit though, that I do feel good is done, via internet snoops nailing the predators of children, teens and adults (mostly poverty ridden, female adults subjected to severe human slavery and depravity).

The monetary system of humans has created the most ugly of scenarios in that all need coin to survive, and therefore the most venal liars and betrayers, in a corrupted government, will always be employed (until they step on their overseers shoes), they will be the ones to lie about their qualifications, in order to make coin and they will be the ones to slobber over snooping for the sake of violating people and slobber over being employed at: Abu Graib (sp?); Guantanamo; Mercenary; TSA type jobs.

Additionally, youth sans connections and resources, in forsaken cities, are easily swept up under the lie of enemies abroad of being forced into warrior/robot type positions where we are of course now seeing daily suicides.

I have a near impossible time following economics, not for lack of logical capacity (I think I have quite a bit of that), but because I think humans doomed themselves with the monetary system does not work for the benefit of those who would do no harm and it never has.

(I very much need to do some things, in the non 'virtual' world, but will check back later on today.)


(embarassing, I find myself many times referring to humans, almost as if I'm not one ... which, unfortunately, I am (otherwise, were I a 'lower' mammal - a real puppy, perhaps - I wouldn't be required to keep on top of vicious, mind numbing and senseless, continually obsalescing technology which now only provides $$$$$$$$, benefits and warp speed, to the venal). I'm wondering if that doesn't have something to do with feeling so alienated from the presumed priorities, desires and entertainments of the proclaimed, yet certainly not verified, 'majority' in the UZ. I don't at all believe I'm in a minority of those feeling utterly disconnected though.

Anyway, I was checking back for a possible response and while anxious for your feedback, I hope you've had a good summer's day getting whatever fresh air and companionship is available away from the tubes, Owen.)


(yes Owen, Kafka ... certainly fits)

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