Unity vs. Ecumenism

By Al Schumann on Saturday July 28, 2012 12:55 AM

Misfit cadres, unite! You have nothing to lose but your line.

I have no superior program to offer, when it comes to contesting and exploring an ideological line. What I've got is a half-assed pluralism and a few 'thou shalt nots'. The problem I have with a quest for unity of line is that the debates tend to favor those with the aptitude and the time for debate. Debate itself, in the clinches, elides material conditions that hamstring would-be participants. The dilemma can be somewhat alleviated by altruistic self-discipline, but this is a thin reed.

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Sounds good to me.

Al Schumann:

There's much to be said in favor of a resolute, thoughtful admission of bewilderment. My current fantasy utopia is called The Mediocrity and what leadership it has is provided by a consensus recognition that humility is the one quality that's consistently appropriate.


I like that, Al. I could do without ever hearing the words: LEADER, Expert, Hero, or Warrior ...ever again in life.

Al Schumann:

They do make for a desperate farce, don't they? The desire for those roles impresses me as an expression of masochism. There's nothing wrong with moments of brilliance, but the grandiosity of taking charge and being in charge requires a fortitude that's best described as an illness.


That's what's so frightening and hopeless feeling, to my mind, about anyone who runs for office. They've almost got to be demented, utterly narcissistic, and power hungry. Maybe it should be a lottery of names of people who've refused to "run" that the majority put in a hat.

Al Schumann:

A lottery is a very good idea. It doesn't strain the logic of a republic to say that if people are fit to vote at all, then they're certainly fit to take on a more direct responsibility. The logic of democracy and the practical downsides of elections make precautions not just wise, but absolutely essential. The best precaution against electoral disaster is to dispense with the elections most prone to disaster. And the history of power and power relations is such that a desire for power is prima facie disqualification for having it.


ballot box versus lottery bowl

i thionk each might keep the other "honest"
if mixed at random
ie for every decision node
a coin toss

heads a vote tails a drawing


btw diane
you must remain among us

my war paint drips down my cheeks
at the thought of your departure


humility on the other hand is for pope's

i prefer a god damn rubber necked fool
in the oval office

second best ?

get me another richard nixon


the great stalin
Clio's bastard son
chose goatish kalinin
to be president for life*
of the workers state

an excellent choice

* his life of course

a tenure beyond merely uncertain

being as
"x-ecuted while in office"
might be only a day away


That comment (of course ...(yes most of us like feeling validated, is my wee thought)), made me feel good, Owen. If you really mean that, might I hold you hostage then ... to responding to my thoughts about the water issue on that other ‘thread’ Owen?

(Also, I responded to you on The Joker ‘thread,’ below. As I noted there, it might be a bit before I respond (to any responses).)

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