war on drugs vs war on booze

By Owen Paine on Tuesday July 3, 2012 06:24 PM

why did these two cultural struggles take such different time paths ? from prohibition to repeal... took what ? 15 years ? the war on drugs is moving in on year 45 !

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Alcohol(and tobacco) is the drug of choice for the old and white. Alcohol and tobacco hence are legal. Other drugs delight the young and the dusky. so they ain't.

The war on drugs is a cash cow for the bankers. Laundered funds drive their profits!!!

Sorry, too much money to be made from the war on drugs. It'll never end and it ain't got anything to do with race. Maybe class... not even sure about that.

Because the WoD is being won. Nobody claiming otherwise could fathom by how much.

The problem, Mr. Paine, lies in the lower count of zoot suits available to today's blockade runners.

Solar Hero:

Yea Drunky!

Plus those same banks are the ones buying
all the government "debt," so any
legalization schemes would directly
affect the whole schebang.

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