Assassination Insurance

By Al Schumann on Saturday August 11, 2012 02:51 PM

I thought Obama did pretty well when he picked Biden to be veep. Biden is so full of shit and so confident his shit is believable that the thought of his ascendence to the presidency is enough to inspire concern for Obama's well being. Cheney was smart when he picked himself to be Bush the Lesser's veep. Although in that situation, the concern worked the other way around. Clinton and Gore were always neck and neck, in my book, but both had the potential to be worse than the other. So there was belt and suspenders, reciprocal insurance. And Papa Doc Bush, no slouch himself in the role, had the modern pacesetter for the breed in Dan Quayle.

In the rush of oohs and ahs over Romney's selection of Ryan, the insurance angle is getting limited play, but Ryan has it, bless his heart. He's perfect for the job. Team Romney is to be congratulated. It can't have been easy to find someone so repulsive that prayers for Mitt's safety are understandable. Ryan manages with room to spare. He'll fire up the base, both Democratic and Republican, and if it's the GOP's consensus intent to throw the election, he's got the chops to help make it happen.

For all that he gives Romney, the major beneficiary is nevertheless Obama. Ryan's policy posturing fame comes from his "courage" to take on Social Security and Medicare. The Ryan-Wyden plan is vicious and crazy. Obama can draw on Catfood Commission proposals and look "reasonable" in comparison. The liberal poindexters and ichabods will eat it up, however much it chokes them. They're already primed to fall back on Supreme Court appointment arguments, the last refuge of increasingly less useful idiots.

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Judging by his voting record, he could give Biden a run for his money in the bullshit sweepstakes. I'd go as far as saying that he's the love child of Obie and Biden.

He has the smoothness of Obie in wowing the establishment, and the skill of a bullshit artist like Biden.

Al Schumann:

Romney introduced him as the next president of the USA. Win or lose, veep or prez, body or essence, he's right about that.

Speakin' o' Quayle hunting, surely SMBIVA is aware of the Hinckley connection?

^^ to Bushies, that is, not the bird brain.


Al as always sees not just the whole court but the emerging pass and pick options here for the orthrus conspiracy

Right now a rabid snping slobbering teeth showing GOP is in the making
One that will win handily in a mopinority of elections
And make team o'barry look like Jesus. And his disciples
When it's time for a little 'fishes and loaves' hustle

Hell if the GOP can hold on to enough dog pen districts in my beloved house
To retain the majority and throw up bills that would pause Diocletian
Barry can to save the essence of the Rooseveltian state
slash the living shit out of the transfer system
and it will come Across as if
He'd transmuted barge water into schnapps

Al Schumann:

Davidly, I am aware of it. For the purposes of this thesis, I believe it highlights Papa Doc Bush's savvy. He picked an unthreatening, incompetent idiot for his own insurance policy.

Owen, you're far too generous. After I posted this, I found many independent assessments to the same effect—backed by reviews of the steps already taken towards the next looting binge.


I can't imagine how you could have omitted Spiro Agnew.

Happy Jack sez on 08.11.12 @22:20:
He has the smoothness of Obie in wowing the establishment, and the skill of a bullshit artist like Biden...

If, by "skill" you mean "consistently popping off out of nowhere as if he has Tourette's or something" or "guaranteed to step on his own crank", then, yeah, Vice President MasterCard has skill out the ass.

I have to confess that quite often in the past few years, I've dreamed of Obama's assassination only because I think the resulting Biden Administration would be even more entertaining than Bush Junior's was. If you think things are bad enough after Obummer having pissed away all the goodwill he had when he took office, imagine him doing that and then being eighty-sixed, and then Vice President Camaro Polisher taking over.

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