Fellating the Lump

By Al Schumann on Saturday August 18, 2012 03:49 AM

For a special dose of irony, there is one person who, for real, bases economic decisions and policies on the Lump of Labor Fallacy: President Obama, who believes there is a fixed and finite amount of work, so any gains in productivity will necessarily reduce the number of employable workers.

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O'barry has a very interesting notion latent in his meme hive

Imagine "management " can't fire "hands" in "good times"
Comes a crisis like fall '08 and the hack off frenzy klaxon sounding
Lop offs commence en masse

Okay the trimming is over
Now recovery begins
Comes elastic lump
The same lump of heterogenious bought job hours that are the nrw pared down pile of desiderata can produce....well they can produce a huge range of outputs
So huge that effective demand management thru fiscal deficits can only induce more ouputand higher prices not more hired hours

The wage lubbers got it in 'm to produce as much as the market demands
And often at a falling unit cost !

As a stick figure scenarion

Not all that bad

So we have to go to a lower layer
Burst thru the elastic limit

Tis far but not forever

Up the deficit to. Warp drive speeds

The staff can not take it no more captian

Then comes the order thatchers pwog hearts everywhere

Hire mates hire at will


Lumps and limits everywhere

The mind field is well stocked with
"Can't do dats"

Fathers thinking one's self into a box stuff eh?

The real face card is of course the deficit rate to debt limit time frame

This is a beaut often noticed here

Even if o'barry cried flank sped deficit he'd start to quaver as the
Catastrophic debt accumulation projections started themselves accumulating in the media

Oh you of little poli Econ
Nowonder you escape all this into total rejectionism

The bastards can lustily reply
To a decent sort with a chorus of "it's impossible"
After ever remedy to throw at em
A chorus if " it's impossible "
That if not convincing at least seems to have no counter

That is ..........
Unless you hold ....

the keys to the next kingdom of man

Yes indeed

The keys brothers and sisters

The key
Now jangling in my pocket


When lump of labor and lump of leisure collide

Two rigidities contend

Job hours per job head are often designed with a lump of leisure constraint
As well as a lump of labor constraint
If you combine the two in the optimal mixture
There are likely to be lots of idled job heads and hands
That the two lumps can't accommodate

Then there's the lump of talents and lump of virtues

Its Lumps all the way down you see

Like culling the potential fatted calves for a limited priestly appetite*****

Not all calves are created or raised equal eh ?

Who'd serve a lemon calf to the priests of an Almighty God


Ever wondered where the offered. fatted calves righteous remnants
ended up?

Beware priests fronting a God demanding beans as the sacrificial offering

Recall what ticked off Cain ?


My cousin kettle Paine's
Theories of surplus offerings


This was worth the wait, thank you Owen and Al; both of the cat['n'dog]skills .... admirable and painful sort of balance.

Al Schumann:

With luck, Diane, and patience, we will harpoon the Lump.


and I believe, ..... so many times quiet ...just sensing, .... Queequeg, .... was said to be a Master Harpooner, ...... I think he might be ....

(I just love you both! ...)

Al Schumann:

I see the Sandwichman, sitting on a bench by the library. He's whittling a stick, looking at it, and then fiddling with a funny-looking piece of metal. Next thing I know, I'm on a ship and the New England coast is receding into the distance. I feel a tap on my shoulder. The stick is pressed into my hand. The funny-looking piece of metal extends from it and there's a vicious blade on the end. A kindly shove pushes me towards the prow...


I'm looking forward to his pop-up book, starring you and Owen .....(huge grin! Mr. Fury!)

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