Hug a tree, take a nap

By Al Schumann on Thursday August 2, 2012 07:38 PM

McKibenn's latest has drawn enough comment, but it makes a great launch pad for pointing out that the best way to save the trees, the oceans and the rest of this good green (and not so green) little planet is through a shorter work week. Yes, this smacks of reformism and comes with all the downsides, etc. Nevertheless, leisure that isn't rooted in disemployment is a superb way to reduce industrial emissions. Pair the 20 hour work week with the dear old basic income for best results.

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Yes we can

The key is a huge jump in over time premiums

Universal 6 weeks paid vacation


We need federal hour limitation system like we have a farm output limitation system

An ingenious one would be best but even a crude one would be all to the good

Viva the workless party not the jobless big two parties



Btw a very low forex for the dollar or getter certain pollution creation charges
Based on the pollution differential
Brings employment back
K here and production

The amount of pollution per unit of output is far from fixed eh?

Build it here and build it less brown

Al Schumann:

A farm limitation rebate system appeals to me. I've long seen my own labors as effectively creating a glut. I should be paid not to work.


Al you sardonic monster

Be fair to yourself


Rewarded for the independence of mind
to strive to be free to choose your socially productive activities

A work release honor system with a flat rate material stipend

Al Schumann:

I could struggle along under such a reframing, always provided the checks came on a regular basis.

I'm semi-serious about a labor limitation rebate program. There's much to be said for limiting hours in a way that flatters the immediate beneficiaries. There's also much to be said for placing Stakhanovites in enforced idleness. Their extravagant sense of industry and their Dunning–Kruger overconfidence can be deadly.

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