Lump Of Humps

By Al Schumann on Monday August 20, 2012 09:17 PM

Once more into the Lump! Today's humps are to be found in the filthy precincts of the NY Times. They humped the Lump with a claim that productivity increases occur in a fantasy continuum. Read the Sandwichman and follow his link to Baker, one of the few credentialed economists who doesn't hate labor.

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Al Schumann:

It's interesting. There are subtleties to this, e.g. there's work and there's work for which you can get paid; there's employment and there's employment that costs the worker more than the salary will cover.

Many years ago I was reading about the Vatican II crisis council. One of the conservative cardinals said (forgive my paraphrasing) that traditional institutions were facing a calamity of plenty. What on earth will workers do, once they're no longer bound to toil?

Man the mast-heads! Call all hands! T'gallant sails -- stunsails! alow and aloft, and on both sides!

Andrew McAfee charts "The Shrinking Lump of Labor."

The chase is on!

Al Schumann:

I recommend a mandatory basic income guarantee, criminalization of work weeks in excess of 20 hours and the death penalty as punishment for failure to take a minimum of 3 months paid vacation per year. Only this dire recourse can save the economy.


I dunno Al and Sandwichman, I’m sorry to write this, but: while at the current point, I get the lump fallacy, ...... if Dean Baker is defending the proliferation of Robotics we’ve been seeing (let alone what has been going on behind closed doors (which would horrify people) at places like MIT for decades), I believe his commentary is way too simplistic and I don’t see him representing the average employee, even if he believes he is. I also instinctively disliked the unqualified comment, which sounded like pure, unadulterated “capitalism” to me :

What the article is describing is productivity growth. This is exactly what we should want.

Productivity growth? What does that really mean? What are the Products he’s referring to?

And who is the us he’s referring to here, when we know fully well that millions will, in the meantime of correcting that inept economic policy, die:

It allows us to be richer if we work the same number of hours or to be as rich and work fewer hours.

One sure reality is that even with good intent, it will take too long correcting that inept economic policy, to save the lives of those losing their shirts to bots.

Another reality is that he fails to realize that in circumstances where one is not doing capitalist slave labor, they actually enjoy using their bodies to do certain things like washing dishes, planting seeds, brushing the hair or fur of another mammal....and further: don’t want to go to a library or medical facility filled with robots, no matter how precise they are. Humans are, and likely always will be, one of the most social animals there are.

Another reality is, the major bottom line of robots, is to decrease ‘risk’ whether it be economic, or biological risk...When that risk is reduced to zero, no humans will remain, except the tiny handful who programmed those bots.

It would have been at least nice to hear him comment that we need to undo this system of labor for the sake of being allowed to live, reagardless the hideous product, but that’s not what I read.

(Qualifying I think we humans made a huge mistake with the monetary/employee system anyway, which he doesn’t discuss bring into the conversation.)

Al Schumann:

Don't be sorry! The points you raise are part of a discussion we're going to have to have at some point no matter what. I'd prefer to take it immediately past Baker himself (so we don't get hung up our views of his views) and on to the points themselves.

This one stood out right away.

[I]n circumstances where [people are] not doing capitalist slave labor, they actually enjoy using their bodies to do certain things like washing dishes, planting seeds, brushing the hair or fur of another mammal....and further: don’t want to go to a library or medical facility filled with robots, no matter how precise they are. Humans are, and likely always will be, one of the most social animals there are.

And, of course, you're right. The so-called inept economic policy is a passive aggressive culling mechanism.

You can get an amen from me. That trope doesn't get nearly enough attention. What's the point of being a commie if not to create conditions in which to be human? That's what I signed on for.

Fundamentally, I agree with you, diane. Whether Dean Baker sees it this way or not, I see his position as semantically brilliant even if it is epistemologically dubous. With his "bad economic policy" misnomer, he plays the "noble savage" card -- not to uplift the savages but to disparage the nobility. Under the current regime of capital, "good economic policy" is an oxymoron.


Well, to be honest Al, I’ve never signed on to any party, and never will, though I would most likely be called a socialist or a commie (though I’d prefer to just be called a human being); and I don’t think the conversation can begin soon enough (as it should have been taken seriously, quite some time ago), about bots. But then, it may seem more horrific to me living a hop skip and job from the Kurzweil, Gates, Thiel, Page, Brinn, et al: Founded/$$$$Supported$$$$, Stunningly Inhuman Singularity Institute (which is on Federal Guvernment Land as one of Thiel’s bases, in the neighborhood apparently is ( see near bottom, under Other people’s Money) ), in the same A[rtificial/Alien]I[ntelligence] complex as Google, Historically Nazi infiltrated NASA, CMU, Moffet Field, and who knows what else (one can sense the high security, just driving through the area and knowing one doesn’t ‘belong there’ (ever in life)).

Anyway, thanks for the quick response, Al. ....Perceived Bot Support, always sets off red alerts for me, and I appreciate your clarifying, it means a lot. A hug to you, I’m going to sleep now.


Oh, just saw your comment after I posted, Sandwichman, thank you also for the clarification, and a hug to you. (Smile, I'm still looking forward to that pop up book starring Al and Owen with harpoons, maybe?)

g'night all.


Sorry, but "no matter, no space" is the rule here. Still 'tis allus good to see a man hawking his wares, Mr. Oxtrot.

Back to economics. "Anybody can make money in the car business," said a used car salesman to me oncet. But I guess "anybody" isn't "everybody".

The lump fuddles me. Everyone should be employable preparing someone else's grave. Next problem...


Oh my, straight from the Pauline ePistols, Tal[o]'n'Well Manor? Is that younz: Victor D. Hanson and Mal Comb?

Did it rain last night? .... as the maggots seem to be coming up for air ...having witnessed a painful and honest conversation among humans with different backgrounds and gender, which, if it were honest, Tal[o]'n'Well Manor would be acknowledging, instead of heading straight for a juglar vein/kill.

(Not sure about Beaver Pelts (for one, because I haven't a clue as to who Pal Shoebox and Krolick are), perhaps Beaver Pelts is a more cunning side of a trio of one energy? or, such a different background from Al and Sandwichman, that the response was an honest one.)

Al Schumann:

Any comment stream oddities are the result of my vile Stalinist approach to comments.

It's not easy being a vile Stalinist. When I was a kid, all the other little Stalinists made fun of my footgear. They called them "Lubyanka boots". Little did they know that my dialectical materialism was to become unstoppable. I grew up to wear real Lubyanka boots and then it was my turn for the clever jokes.

But those years are gone. In these sad and decadent times, I'm reduced to deleting troll comments and brooding over lumps.

Al Schumann:

Boink, you have solved the essence of the Lump. I'm serious. That's a good way of looking at it.


Consider establishing a unified "troll cellar", or briar patch for the comments of the dear deleted.

Please do not throw me in the briar patch.


Of course this leaves in limbo the career of the gravedigger of Seville, renowned for digging the graves of all those who do not dig their own graves. Also leaving open the question of who will dig his grave.


Diane ponder the difference between free labor and socially necessary labor

Imagine a society where socially necessary labor didn't exist
Where all labor is voluntary and all products of labor whatever their usefullness are without market value as we know it

That is future perfect commmmmmmmunism
as viewed from 60 thousand feet

green ? ...we'll just have to make it so as we go there

Merkin in Montreal:

Here’s a voice of dissent: I found all the deleted comments and the link to the parody of SMBIVA incredibly funny. The reference to Mike Davis was precious, which reminded me how much I miss his obtuse writing and excellent take on SoCal. Surely, even a vile Stalinist could have a sense of humor:-)


Owen, I would love it if we didn’t have the $$$$$Market System$$$$$$ wehave, though I have no issue with socially necessary labor in a decent society (preparing; making; repairing; cleaning or building something) in a society where people do what they’re good at (which usually means they enjoy doing it).

I really wouldn’t want to live in a world full of bots doing all manual labor, much of which I enjoy as a lot of others do also (if that’s what you’re referring to?).

I find it horrid that so many are unable to do what they’re actually gifted at due to the sytem we live in. If they were, what they prepared/repaired/cleaned/built would be well done, pleasing and of value (not talking dollars).

(I’m not clear on the 60,000 foot reference?)


Al, you're not brooding the lump too much are you? If you are I can always do something stupid like forget an end font color to counteract the gloom with a balance of more energetic Vile Stalinist Pissed!


In lieu of that I'm sending a huge hug, you're really 'good people' Al. I think that's pretty obvious.


My, I’m tempted to say, and I will, that I now understand the connection that “Oxy” felt would serve to make me a satiric fake human drawn by Mike (now, thank you Al (you didn’t have to do that, but I love that you did),consigned to the trash bin) it has to do with term evilist which Mike used (and I initially missed) and a link reference I gave, a few post back, which included an illustration that included that word:

Anyone who thinks Oxy is fun, needs to have their fucking head examined (and I might add, they are probably not his continual target, despite It/Oxy presumably having no history to go by), because he clearly didn’t get a cue about the seriousness and meaning of that illustration, which looks like Mike and I might agree upon, although Mike has pissed me off on more than one occasion, as regards a few of his comments about females, as I, clearly, pissed him off.


(Just to be real clear, I was referring to Mike F. (I'm sorry Mike, but I don't want to misspell your name, it's long, starts with "Fl" and I've had a bit of wine at this point), not "Mike Davis" ... whoever he is? I went to High School with a "Michael Davis," ...though I somehow doubt they are the same....)



Socially necessary labor is a sub set of necessary labor as you define it

There will ale ays be necessary labor

However society will no longer require the provision of that labor to sustain itself and therefore it will have no more exchange value then
An ordinary adults' drawings

The existence of a fully automated social production system
Hardly requires you to substitute it's free outputs for similar outputs
you produce yourself by whatever means you choose

Production by a certain process chosen for it's own sake
Because it gives intrinsic pleasure to produce it " that way"

Is precisely what free labor means

Al has a guaranteed minimum income regardless of one's like time contribution of socially necessary labor

Imagine that slowly evolving into a free supply system


Merk why not paste the link to this parody site ?

Why deprive us all of the option to glory in it's free provision of enlightenment and mirth

I needn't caution u
The funny meter in every head that goeth there
mightn't register the same responses
U had


The one criticism of this site that deserves constant attention is obvious

The inadvertent echo chamber

Sean fearlessly labeled SMBIVA an echo chamber
Which implies not only the existence of echos but
Only........ or close to only
With a clear highly finite set of original source voices
That I guess chose themselves somehow
Off site or behind the site

That something very much resembling such an echo chamber can arise without
Any intentions along those lines
Is obvious

My judgement after a careful review and re meditation:

This is not even an un-intentional Echo chamber

Though it could become one without active periodic counter measures


Owen, I'm very much trying, yet stumbling on your note above.

I think it might be easier to understand if you clarified your thoughts about how robotics and "soft ware" come into play in the scenario.

The book, Devices of the Soul: Battling for Our Selves in an Age of Machines, by Steve Talbott, had (I thought, despite a few regrets I had about some of the examples he analogized about), much of value to say about the ghastly side of technology. Have you read it?

(by the way, thank you sweetheart.)


(and, of course, my local Sly Con Valley "Library" didn't have that one on ITZ shelves, though they do have a quite pricey HUGE DIGITAL SCREEN SHOW ...of the books coming through the book deposit box, and waste more paper than Libraries ever did with bot print outs of checkouts, returns and payments,.... though they are now PAPER FREE.)


(and that (the print out part) is not to say that we shouldn't and can not come up with a greener papyrous to ensure concrete, historic proof of agreements among us.)


Shit, "haste makes waste." I should have written: "your note to me above." Sorry.


(and, by saying "a greener technology," the last thing on my mind, was the Filthy, Nasty, Death Blessing Davos "inspired" Cloud Technology)


I should have written: and, by saying "a greener papyrus,"

versus: and, by saying "a greener technology,"

but I am caught in the time warp which doesn't allow any meditation for most ....against the horrid, must speak in nanosecondry, ....just as much as most everyone else is.

And, it horrifies and shames me, that seems part of a plan, Not a Bug, on the Tubez.


You're the last person I wanted to pester Al, but I stupidly missed putting the stupid HTML CODE for end itallics after: "versus: and, by saying "a greener technology,"

very sorry.

Don't worry, Diane; I've done it quite a few times myself, and pined for the ability to re-edit a reply after I'd posted it as I watched the consequences of my forgotten end-ital tag cascading down the rest of the page.

Here's hoping my odd end-ital tag at the top of this comment straightens everything out.


Oh, thanks much Mike, I tried that once and it didn't frikken work, so I didn't bother this time.

(I have to say though, it's a tad less embarrassing than showing off one's crayoned font abilities and turning the entire fucking page orange.)


By the way Mike, I loved your Trader Joe’s piece.

I’ve tried to stay away from it [ ], because I’ve always suspected those significantly low prices are at the expense of way too many, plus, nothing against Germans in particular, but it is not (now, ...for quite some time) the Local Grocer that it pretends to be, at all.

We’ve got a new,” Local” Pretender near where I live: Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market [USA!!!!!!!!]. Of course, the flier in my mailbox, which I immediately sniffed as suspicious (I’m really getting a nose for predators (way too late in life)), didn’t include that USA (to my recollect), instead, it was made to appear like some local family owned franchise...versus yet another Gramps Buff It Predatory Investment. :

Billionaire investor and CEO of the Berkshire Hathaway investment firm Warren Buffett, who owns $1.5 billion worth of Tesco Plc. stock (about 4% of the company), making him among if not the top individual investor in Tesco, is coming to the rescue of fledgling Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs, which is a major player in food and grocery retailing finance, with a $5 billion purchase of Goldman stock.

Tesco Plc. owns and operates Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market USA, which currently operates 83 small-format, combination basic grocery and fresh foods convenience-oriented grocery stores in Southern California, Nevada and Arizona.


Capitalism at its nastiest ...most ‘effective’ (clue effective does not equal kindness, it just means: able to accomplish a particular goal as rapidly as possible, WITH PREFERABLY NO INTERFERENCE from any ‘entity;’ no matter even: their/its humane goals (clue: goal does not always equal goodness (etcetera, etcetera, the word 'Hero' somwhere in the endless loop too.))) from the Fresh & Easy Buzz[ards]!!!!, and we thought those bunnies were a bit too quick at it:

F&E Store Openings Q1 2012 ]

(that’s my community service and algebraic thought for the day.)


Speaking of food:

We'll make a killing out of food crisis, Glencore trading boss Chris Mahoney boasts
Drought is good for business, says world's largest commodities trading company

An oh so, never mentioned, Gargantuan in the commodities biz. A Gargantuan started by Billy C. the Dawg’s (I’m so ashamed for some of my slobber about him in prior years the Poppy Hug was that final nail) pardoned, Marc Rich:

What do the three men have in common, aside from their dubious deals with Iraq? They all belong to the ultrasecretive informal network of traders who dominate global independent oil trading. They don't necessarily act in concert with each other, but they often chase the same opportunities. They are the Rich Boys. All operate in the world of onetime fugitive billionaire Marc Rich, the most-wanted white-collar criminal in U.S. history until his controversial pardon on President Bill Clinton's last day in office in 2001.


(thanks Boink (re: media lens, I picked that link up here : ), I wanted to respond to your comment in the ‘thread’ below, but didn’t want to just blabber, having no background re: Sweden.)


(From Iceland, as regards Glencore: )


(From the Republic of London, inside London City, United Kingdom:

24 May 2011
Glencore raises $10bn in London's largest ever international IPO )


(okay, Boink, I did read theGirl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, and sensed that some of the powerful in Sweden should want to off themselves at the end of the day for that expose of thier Child Abuse and Misogyny while some of the Swede wee peep became shamed by the mentality they had voted for;....but interesting, as someone elsewhere pointed out, that the Swede Government has had plenty opportunity to question Assange. I don’t doubt that he has a high Asshole level about him, but I seriously doubt that that taking advantage of females is what the UZ, might like to fry him for, as the UZ:

Hates all histoically equated with a feminine energy.

If every male guilty of creepin were in jail, there would be no politicians left in office.

Lastly, I’m not at all certain that he wasn’t set up for his weak side of treating females like trash.)


(In other words, the UZ, as a 'child' of the London Republic, is a "Topper," bar none, .... certainly it admires China's waterways where one has to pay to make sure that is not their loved one floating in that river, the breath long gone out of them on that plane. Ahhhh ... but there will always be witnesses who evade the monsters to re live their horror .... for the future .....)


(I had had it in mind to write something along the lines of ... to recount their horror (stand witness to destruction, in condemnation of it).. for the future ....

but, in retrospect, I can see how I kneejerked that one ... though, when I'm not feeling threatened by the Monster that Overwhelms, ruled by lucre, ... the last thing on my mind, in my soul, would be blood letting and torture...just for the sake of that Monster. )


Back to Glencore,...apparently that $10 Billion grew to $60 Billion. The highest valued IPOS!!!!!!! [Initial Public Offerings] (sacrifices of everything humane about humans?) now being: holding hostage basic needs, and corporatizing all and every: communication; intimate moment; travel; photo; and transaction of humans? (we would never let our dog and cat companions be subject to that):


A Giant Among Giants
Glencore -- founded by famous fugitive Marc Rich -- has cornered the market on just about everything. Now that it's going public, will its ties to dictators and spies stand up to scrutiny?

When Glencore, the world's biggest commodities brokerage firm, went public in May 2011, the initial public offering (IPO) on the London and Hong Kong stock exchanges made headlines for weeks in the Financial Times and the trade-industry press, which devoted endless columns to the company's astonishing valuation of nearly $60 billion -- higher than Boeing or Ford Motor Co. The massive new wealth turned nearly 500 employees into overnight multimillionaires and made billionaires of at least five senior executives, including CEO Ivan Glasenberg. "We are not going to change the way we operate," vowed [ ] Glasenberg, who had started as a lowly coal trader for the Swiss firm nearly three decades earlier and, with the IPO, immediately became one of Europe's richest men. "Being public [ ] will have absolutely no effect on the business."

And what a business it is. The firm was forced to pull back the curtain on its famously secretive doings to go public, and what it revealed shocked even seasoned commodities traders. Glencore, which Reuters once called [ ] "the biggest company you never heard of," turned out to be far more globally dominant than analysts had realized. According to its 1,637-page IPO prospectus [ ], the company controlled more than half the international tradable market in zinc and copper and about a third of the world's seaborne coal; was one of the world's largest grain exporters, with about 9 percent of the global market; and handled 3 percent of daily global oil consumption for customers ranging from state-owned energy companies in Brazil and India to American multinationals like ExxonMobil and Chevron. All of which, the prospectus said, helped the firm post revenues of $186 billion in 2011 and employ some 55,000 people in at least 40 countries, generating an average return on equity of 38 percent, about three times higher than that of the gold-standard investment bank Goldman Sachs in 2010. Since then, the company has only gotten vaster in scale. It recently announced a $90 billion takeover of Xstrata, a global mining giant in which it already holds a 34 percent stake; if the deal goes through, Glencore will rule over an "empire stretching from the Sahara to South Africa," as the Africa Confidential [ ] newsletter put it. As it is, Glencore already trades, manufactures, refines, ships, or stores at least 90 commodities in some three dozen countries. "Glencore is at the center of the raw material world," said Peter Brandt, a longtime commodities trader. "Within this world there are giants, and Glencore is becoming a giant among giants."

(long, meaty piece)


(sorry for the omission, I was referring to Zuckerfuck and Owners FaceBook[Fiend] as that second record breaking "IPO," in re[gards to]:

corporatizing all and every: communication; intimate moment; travel; photo; and transaction of humans

I am so fucking disturbed at the overall willingness to allow any privacy, whatsoever, to be destroyed by so many on the web (seems to me to be near a majority) via software everyone knows is creepy, yet rarely ever speaks to.

Some promote getting in the streets and being arrested (and becoming unemployable, unless they are the likes of Chris Hedges, etc.), though they never have. But, when it comes to the predominant Tech Oligarchs, they utter barely a peep, they are nothing, to my mind (and I can acknowledge that it might not be deliberate), if not Aiders and Abettors of the CorpGovTechOwnzYouandSee[i]z[e]AllYouDoEven If OnlyKissingTheOnesYouLoveBeforeTuckingThemInOrLayingBesideThematNightOligarchies.)


(and while I noted a few posts above that I thought Assange might be somehat of a prick (aren't most of us on some blind sighted levels?), one thing I think he was wonderful on was the STUNNING AMOUNT of PRIVACY VIOLATION ..going on, via software.

No small wonder protesters in Oakland, California did not want their photos all over FaceBook, al: ...the LAWWWWWMENZ KILLz those sort of mostly African American neighborhoods ...

and yes, to my mind, as a biliogical female, RAPE:

will always work, as an anology to being thoroughly violated: ...whether physically ... economically, ...or emotionally.)


(sorry, biological female, not: biliogical female.)


The last thing I would ever do in life would be to aspire to imitating you or anyone else, "Oxy" (or whoever Dutone Fuxxbox Pedal is).

So interesting, under your numerous sociopathic monikers (such as (I'm assuming) your new Dutone Fuxxbox Pedal), you've claimed to know almost everything about me: what my intent is; what I do or don't know about the state where I was born (quite a few posts back); whether I'm actually real or imagined; whether I'm really female or not; and now what religion I am, if any. All of which you've been dead wrong about, but don't let that stop you from zeroing in on and maligning people you don't have any familiarity with, who've never done you any harm, predator.

All of your commentary has been totally unsolicited and undeserved, you've targeted me since I started posting here, you sick fuck. Once again, anyone who thinks you're fun, Oxy, needs to have their head examined and certainly so do you.

Lastly, where you get that I've gone sour towards Al, or Owen, is a mystery to me. But then I’m sure you know that and are just banking on folks not bothering to read my prior comments. I hope you never slip up, forget where you are, and act this blatantly venomous off the tubes “Oxy” as it could get you killed maligning a total stranger to you - one who’s had a really bad day, or life - so viciously (like you seem to get such a hard on doing).


(ahhhh, but then again, perhaps you know all about killing, "Oxy," perhaps you've studied it while jacking off, preying to one day be accepted into the vicious assassinating Mossad perhaps? Maybe left a bit (six posts was it? in September 2011?) of Human Rights beliefs text (Human Rights which you could give actually give a shit about), like so much scat, on the tubes ...without even treating people with dignity who you don't know? Particularly females, saw that puerile Ballou bit. So any teenage large breasted female, is silly prey for you?..Why might that be?)


We are forcing Diane to fill the void here

Where's father smiff

Hunting capon
on Island of lost boys?

I 'm selling sweet dreams myself

Al reports in a private communication
"vileness pays !"


I've been rusticating for the last couple weeks so I missed all the fun. But if there's a parody of SMBIVA somewhere out there, I certainly want a link to it. Can't tell you how pleased and proud I am.

Merkin in Montreal:

Welcome back Comrade Smith. The parody was quite entertaining and he had actually put quite a bit of effort into it. The rest of his blog roll had this Ignatius Reilly quality that I found funny enough to bookmark it. But then again, the comrades weren’t too amused! Here’s the link but unfortunately, you can’t get there anymore. He’s taken it down:


We are forcing Diane to fill the void here

No prob' sweetheart, and glad you aren't offended that I did (send that Vile Stalinist another huge hug from me), a kiss to you.

I love commenting about how are bare necessities and right to privacy have been thoroughly monetized and made beyond the reach of billions .....

Oxy/Ox Trot/Fox Trot/Karl Franz Ochstradt/Hyman Mittelman Lohmann/constructive deconstruction[Pez Candy]/Progressive Reports Now/Buck v. Bell[threegens] apparently takes issue with that.... while those white folk with their shirts still left on still titter at the intellectual genius of the snark not directed at them.

Of course one does not generally see those types of posters polluting the web sites of most female potential breeder and older wimmens, and the darker skinned, such as Black Agenda Report and others, as the wimmins and darker skinned (of all genders) are fully aware that it isn't funny at all, no matter the talent with language and mimicry ....more and more people are dying ...rapidly ...and sloooooowly and hideously .... none of it is funny to them, as they have been witnessing it ...their entire lives.


(I had intended "our," not "are," in the third sentence.)


I'm joining Susie Madrak, and countless, way long forgotten and untold others, a prayer for those in New Orleans ... who managed, yet barely, survive ...that last disaster, almost five years to the potential date.

Speaking of which, this should be enlightening:

1 Rank of New Orleans in fastest growing US cities between 2010 and 2011. Source: Census Bureau.

1 Rank of New Orleans, Louisiana in world prison rate. Louisiana imprisons more of its people, per head, than any of the other 50 states. Louisiana rate is five times higher than Iran, 13 times higher than China and 20 times Germany. In Louisiana, one in 86 adults is in prison. In New Orleans, one in 14 black men is behind bars. In New Orleans, one of every seven black men is in prison, on parole or on probation. Source: Times-Picayune.

2 Rank of New Orleans in rate of homelessness among US cities. Source: 2012 Report of National Alliance to End Homelessness.

2 Rank of New Orleans in highest income inequality for cities of over 10,000 Source: Census.

3 Days a week the New Orleans daily paper, the Times-Picayune, will start publishing and delivering the paper this fall and switch to internet only on other days. (See 44 below). Source: The Times-Picayune.

10 Rate that New Orleans murders occur compared to US average. According to FBI reports, the national average is 5 murders per 100,000. The Louisiana average is 12 per 100,000. The New Orleans reported 175 murders last year or 50 murders per 100,000 residents. Source: WWL TV.

13 Rank of New Orleans in FBI overall crime rate rankings. Source: Congressional Quarterly.

15 Number of police officer-involved shootings in New Orleans so far in 2012. In all of 2011 there were 16. Source: Independent Police Monitor.

21 Percent of all residential addresses in New Orleans that are abandoned or blighted. There were 35,700 abandoned or blighted homes and empty lots in New Orleans (21% of all residential addresses), a reduction from 43,755 in 2010 (when it was 34% of all addresses). Compare to Detroit (24%), Cleveland (19%), and Baltimore (14%). Source: Greater New Orleans Community Data Center (GNOCDC).

27 Percent of people in New Orleans live in poverty. The national rate is 15%. Among African American families the rate is 30% and for white families it is 8%. Source: Corporation for Enterprise Development (CEFD) and Greater New Orleans Community Data Center (GNOCDC) Assets & Opportunity Profile: New Orleans (August 2012).

33 Percent of low income mothers in New Orleans study who were still suffering Post Traumatic Stress symptoms five years after Katrina. Source: Princeton University Study.

34 Bus routes in New Orleans now. There were 89 before Katrina. Source: RTA data.

37 Percent of New Orleans families that are “asset poor” or lack enough assets to survive for three months without income. The rate is 50% for black households, 40% for Latino household, 24% for Asian household and 22% for white households. Source: Corporation for Enterprise Development (CEFD) and Greater New Orleans Community Data Center (GNOCDC) Assets & Opportunity Profile: New Orleans (August 2012)

40 Percent of poor adults in New Orleans region that work. One quarter of these people work full-time and still remain poor. Source: GNOCDC.

42 Percent of the children in New Orleans who live in poverty. The rate for black children is 65 percent compared to less than 1 percent for whites. Source: Census.

44 Rank of Louisiana among the 50 states in broadband internet access. New Orleans has 40 to 60 percent access. Source: The Lens.

60 Percent of New Orleans which is African American. Before Katrina the number was 67. Source: GNOCDC.

60 Percent of renters in New Orleans are paying more than 30 percent of their income on rent and utilities, up from 51 percent in 2004. Source: GNOCDC.

68 Percent of public school children in New Orleans who attend schools that pass state standards. In 2003-2004 it was 28 percent. Source: GNOCDC.

75 Percent of public school students in New Orleans who are enrolled in charter schools. Source: Wall Street Journal. This is the highest percentage in the US by far, with District of Columbia coming in second at 39 percent. Sources: Wall Street Journal and National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

76 Number of homes rebuilt by Make It Right Foundation [Brand[United Nations AmbassadorBloodVialSipper]Jolina[z] ”Philanthropy.” ... Her $$$$Philanthropy$$$$$ PR Master: Adam Waldman - Expanding a Global Business Empire[!!!!!!!!!!!!] . Leaders[!!!!!]: [1.] (ohhhh lookee there’s CB Richard Ellis’ Private Equity Master Of the Universe: Dicky “Namaste” (white scarved, hands together in preyor now) Blum; Senator Dianne (the Real Estate pistol, “49er” obsessed) Feinstein’s partner HUB the MIC Complex.]

123,934 Fewer people in New Orleans now than in 2000. The Census reported the 2011 population of New Orleans source as 360,740. The 2000 population was 484,674. Source: Census.


Since 2001, the Endeavor Group's team of highly skilled professionals has been assisting the world's visionaries to extend their influence around the globe. We use our diverse experience to help corporate CEOs, ultra high net worth individuals and influential global leaders find solutions that bridge the business, government and social realms.

More re: Adam Waldman (not sure what to make of it, though I suspect that Waldman (and certainly, along with his clients and fellow founders/board members) would not come out smelling good in the smell test of those just trying to keep their heads above water, in life:

And just a tad bit more (note the slithery absence of the word or ideal meaning (if there ever was such a thing among most of the obscenely powerful)of the word, “philanthropy”)):

The Endeavor Group, Inc. operates as a consultancy that provides a suite of strategic, legal, and communications solutions. It offers business services, such as strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and governance advice services to business leaders; negotiating and facilitating various cross-border deals and ventures; and various communications services to create messages. The company also provides government services, which include advice services to clients for interaction with government officials; various services in the areas of regulatory issues; and various communications services. In addition, it offers social services, such as strategy, legal, and communications. The company offers i...

(hmmm, mebbe Bain's CRC Health's, South African and "WHITE" Methadone King ...will be able to heal those pretty much innocent, in the scheme of things, teens ...if another disaster happens there?

I'm pretty sure ...there will be a 24/7 tracking the forced to be lone wolfer ...follow up ... pharma PROGRAM.

after all ...that Methadone King (with the aid of Pre IPO, of Credit Suisse (oopsie, ..misspell?), and his: Masters, aiders and abetters ...have been so very successful far ....)


(a hint, if one doosn't want to be scorned by any sort of King/AlphaQueen...: you must present their food ..with head bowed ....on fine Porcelain or "china" ...and that food ... must be still almost warm ...and bleeding, .... for it to incite that King/Alpha Queen to favoring you. .... Yes, they are sick, .... watch your backs, ... those who really find it hideous.

And,...It really is, hideous. ...)

"you can’t get there anymore. He’s taken it down"

Use the link and read the copy in the cache. Well worth it.

anne shew:

steven a.,.. . still a whoa , he plays unfairly with the anschuh being too much like the name i'm using here , when the character is not of me in his play on there , the character is of others from other sites , i know that what he writes of there on his page and on others is not of misogyny,nor homophobia, of why , but he goes at others at other sites and they come back at him with suggests of ,/ i know of him through those that we both know through the main of io z , / i put this teasing response to the an schuh, but he deleted it - " Anschuh - .. . older than that ( note anti aging pills comment for answer of why young of 'minding on that noted), with 'fro of hair ,but palest of fair , and of the ocean In ... netting resident, applies anti-aging of time fade ,of remembering pills ,time wash.. nightly, hates complete sentences, despises co onversing or correspondence that don't include fair of her/it, and others . . Born with foot in mouth. " ,( i annoy him because i'm too difficult too read (i am what i am , this is how i talk in person as well , but with no tone and more it is lost here , of the gentle and more ) so he lumps me in with the character of others / but yes he captures bits of the character of those that are a part of this site well ,as they are easier to read , of what makes the unknowing laugh, of the wom'n that doesn't know what country she is living in of mer k in , in her looking for a son in law , and of hairy in ears mjs .. . / his becoming more of persisting here is out of an issue with owen , and when pen jack crow is commenting here as well

anne shew:

of my .. more of a mention of dance able - of the brahms , glenn gould and i would hum as we walked, brahms, bach . , in my early teens i knew him well for a short time before his passing , i met him just after leaving one of my uncle roderick's unitarian readings ,his flat was across the street , he made a comment on the way that i move on our passing , something of bach's air (he paused .. and then said string' ) , we became friends ,and spent a lot of time walking together in that short period before. , said the lumped in a hump from the following post

anne shew:

Air. J.S. Bach Bobby Mcferrin

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