Three Cheers For Sister Megan

By Al Schumann on Thursday August 2, 2012 11:31 PM

Read this. There's a lot to chew on.

My thesis is that the "national security state" is nothing but a jobs program for assholes, most of whom are willfully stupid and hopelessly incompetent.

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I think that's what Eisenhower was getting at when he referred to a "legacy of ashes."

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when my ship comes in, perhaps

Al Schumann:

Boink, do a search for Sister Megan Rice. The news articles are all basically the same. They'll all recount the strange tale of really old activists making their way unimpeded through the tightest security money can buy. In a nice touch, they gave bread to the security guards who finally managed to find them.

Happy Jack, Ike used to rock the cabinet meetings with his jeremiads. He'd put on a lampshade and suck down a few of Mamie's cocktails to get in the mood.


Here are two links not firewalled:,0,5263600.story

Sounds like this prick wants to charge them with treason (from the tribune piece):

Peter Stockton, a former congressional investigator and security consultant to the Energy Department, ... .... ... said the security breach was the "worst we've ever seen." He said it was more serious than the case of Wen Ho Lee, a Taiwan-born scientist who was suspected of espionage at the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory.

Got it.

With all that sitting around, why haven't the black ops guys managed to 'salt' any Iranian nuke sites for the IAEA to 'find'? I guess the CIA really doesn't want war with Iran!


Al Schumann:

As far as the CIA is concerned, the beloved republic of which we all sing has reached the point where the spooks are saner than the imperial courtiers. Any salting will have to be outsourced.

Stockton chose the right incident for his little comparison. The Wen Ho Lee "case" was a classic witch hunt.


Most spools wereprollyalwats saner then courtiers

The directors and vice directors ...not so. Often

Sanity is a hold back in any climb to the tippy top

The same end up at one or other base camps or staging platforms

Al Schumann:

Absolutely, Owen. There's a lot to be said for the cliche, "a desire for power is a disqualification for having it."


The offering of bread, .... was significantly missing from the non firewalled ‘articles.’

... it’s always interested me how the $$$subscriptioned$$$ bidness news, ... seems sometimes ....far more honest (as only concerns the factual actions); which reminds me of a (2003 or 2004?) Forbes article about what a swine fest those Virginia (I think it might have been Arlington, though I could be totally wrong) auctions for the Assisting in Democracy in Iraq!!!!! (“Democracy,” ... despite the fact that the UZ has always been a REPUBLIC) contracts were. Which, If I’m recollecting correctly, were incorporated into that, no reimbursement due, one point whatever billion dollar ‘gift’ to SAVE Iraq (under the demented royal bush son and cheney addison yoo, et al, .....yearz).

(certainly not implicating everyone who has a subscription, I think it’s wise to understand the dangerous maniacs, and access their access to the actual actions that transpired.)

Al Schumann:

I have a couple of tips to offer for people who need to get around paywalls.

• Google News searches provide links that will bypass some of the paywalls.

• Some news outlets permit paywall bypass from the "social media" megachurches, like Facebook and Twitter.

• A library card can open many periodicals that are otherwise inaccessible.


(the unfortunate thing, is that only those left with half a shirt/blouse are able to access those facts.

Not trying to fingerwag at all, certainly I've been guilty of not understanding my own access.

Just saying that billions are not allowed to 'read,' ...have no access (deliberately), ... to Forbes; the New York Times; the Wall Street Journal; etcetera; ...etcetera.)


Hi Al, thinking about your comments which hadn't shown before I added my last, and thanks for your considerate reading .... there are some things that still still niggle though .... especially as regards to the shirtless gaining access.

For just one, I'd rather die than sign onto FaceFiend ... the $$$$Incorporating of Socializing.$$$$$

Another I've sworn a pledge to use Google Nooz little as possible (though I have been aware that Google Nooz has somehow magically been able to access the Firewalled News), Page and Brinn, to my mind, are megalomaniacs ... and I've easily accessed some firewalled nooz outside of their 'assistance.'

Another is libraries are far fewer and further between now, access being far more easy to those still working ...and those homeless, but not those on the verge of homelessness, desperately deciding whether to bother to blow off their last divits to try to find a jawb, ..or, use their last divits to buy a mini tent and some good shoes. ... Further, I don't know about where you live, but where I live, I would swear there are some true Mother Fuckers now presiding over the Library Systems ...

not trying to be contrary Al, I have a ton of respect, .... I'm just saying ...

(need to do some things ...will read after)

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