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By barebones on Friday August 3, 2012 09:06 PM

New here. But this seemed like the kind of place where I could whine and get a little sympathy.

I'm always reading how great small business is. Let me tell you, small business sucks. It sucks even worse than big business. The mom and pop shop is a sweatshop. I know. I've done both.

In a big comapny, your manager is a sick fuck. Every time. No doubt about it. And his manager is an even sicker fuck. That's how they pick 'em. One sick fuck knows another sick fuck.

But in a big corporation, your manager and his manager have to pretend to be reasonable people. There are rules and they're supposed to follow them. The rules are always tilted toward the sick fucks, naturally, but still, it cramps their style.

Small business, your manager could be Ted Bundy and half the time, he is Ted Bundy. He's under the radar. He doesn't have an HR department and nobody's going to sue him, because sue a beggar and you get a louse.

He'll ask you stuff a big corporation boss would never ask. Like how old are you? Are you going to retire on me? What are your politics?

And he'll never stroke you, the way a big-company boss is trained to do. Every time you tell him what you've been doing today, it's an excuse for him to tel you you're an idiot, you should have been doing something else.

Fuck small business.

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please click link and see if it is weird for you too:



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Bare bones puts an index finger on a huge " under the radar "
Less one sided then the struggle inside of corporate amerik'a
but with a side show of freaks in charge

Dickens and Dosty land


The link seemed unremarkable to me. What was odd?


Strikes a chord with me. A while ago I left restaurant jobs for work in a hospital. Paychecks are now always on time, and none of my superiors wander into the kitchen while I'm busy to whine about the travails of running their popular, lucrative restaurants. In my experience small-business owners have an elaborate sense of their own victimhood; and they not only want your time and energy--all of it--they want your fucking sympathy too. After all, in their minds, they're doing you a favor.


Small businesses are not "engines of job creation" either.


the link appears as 2 slightly different pages that alternate rapidly ... maybe 6 times per second. A control click into a new window retains the jittery form. Control click into a new tab corrects the jitters Some other wiki pages do this as well.


Seems to relate to width of window.

Something new to out of loop/date/circulation Boink.


Yeah it can be hell working for a small business, where the favored insane sadistic mythology - a jawb being somehow an undeserved entitlement, versus a contract between equals for labor that can’t be done alone by the business owner - can be even more crystalized than in a larger company, as there are fewer victims to concentrate abuse on.

I’m reminded of an election year noooz interview of a young woman working in a beauty salon who, (without going into any detail whatsoever) expressed her support for the Dem candidate who had lost, only for her prick owner/boss, a few seconds later, to state something to the effect of: she needs to be reminded who she’s working for. Of course, the Tool reporter who put her in the position to inspire her bosses abusive threat, displayed no disgust whatsoever for the abuse, therefore perpetuating the sadistic mythology that employees are simply capital who need to know their place, in the scheme of things, ......always.

In essence, the entire monetary system is fucked up, and brings out the most predatorial side of humanity, is my take. I’m betting so many people may have ended up maybe even likeable were they not forced to play Musical Chairs and... OWN A BIZNEST/have a jawb, ...... solely to OWN/have a jawb .... in order to survive.

(It worked okay for me Boink. UUGGGH one of those icky (deliberate) obsolescences of some unknown background software issues that would cost at least $100 to pay a techie to determine (If they could)....$$$$$[Yet again!] Time to replace everything!!!!$$$$$$)


Okay, I’ll admit it ...I’m wondering as to whether Queequeg (if that spelling is wrong, blame it on Al Schumann, as I’m to lazy to refer to that book on the shelf) hasn’t posted this commentary, since one would have to have 'log in rights' to post it.


Diane -- I do not understand your last comment at all. Queequeg?


(let alone the laziness, .. too fractured apparantley also, to add that second oh to to; ... yup, fuckin Royal Mariners ...an’ diggin further down, let's go to Rome! ....)


Sorry Michael, read through the comments on the Lumpapalooza ‘thread’ .......which was all about the hideous state of 'employment.'

(by the way, my comment, was not meant to be slanderous, whatsoever.)


Thanks for the link, sk. Small business is certainly an ideological fetish, far beyond its actual economic importance.


(see it?)


(In other news, some, in sadistically OWNED, Oak Town Cali, ...apparently busted the windows of Wallstreet’s Chosen/Obombster’s Oaktown, Cali farce quarters, yesterday.

... It could easily have been Wallstreet owned Obombster’s own; .... even if it wasn’t, So? .. who could blame them? When it’s been made near impossible to survive in any sort of physically painless (hideous toothache? .....tough) dignity, are humans just expected to die with no utterance?????????? ...no tossing of stones? ..... relegated to thieving of food, or rodent inhabited dumpsters to eat the food tossed out by the perpetually well fed, if they refuse to play Musical Chairs .....and fuck their neighbors and family?)


(and .... just in case the action has been missing from the HUGE FONT NOOZ; ...after all, our dear Wall Street Owned Candidate, and his owners, ...would certainly not to let it be Headline Nooz, that we certainly aren't in a state of post racism ...nor post classism, or genderism. And if those owners, were the perps, it was simply a local excuse to further the already brutally martial, martial law that's existed in urban communities for at least a century, and then some. In the wee - when most are asleep, or attempting to 'party' to forget their woes - hours of August fourth, this news was murmered, then (to my sight), dropped from sight like an incredibly weighty stone:

Aug 4, 1:45 AM EDT

Protesters smash window at Obama's Oakland [predominately (or close enough, given dry %s) African American, generally treated as Urban, City, (most likely a result of historic, "served their country" fodder, Military Bases), California] office


Oaktown, Cali ....(the STATE of California, ...the ELITE: sea, sun, DES[S]ERT, $$$$HEIGHTS$$$$$, and golden showering lovers. One could say (and not be wrong): an UZ of the UZ, an Empire of the Few and Nasty) ...

memory lane, .....late October, 2011:




(to the new to the internet, and too embarrassed to ask (though you shouldn't be, at all), copy the above three "dailymail" links onto the area at the top of your computer screen (the first place where you are able to write something), where you would normally enter a website "url/address" you wanted to see. The missing, " http://," will be automatically assumed, .... if it isn’t, type in: “http://,” ... before “i.dailymail”.)


(hell, you shouldn't be embarrassed, because the odds are most of your bought Congressional "Reps," would likely be bewildered also, as they are never forced to keep track of the insane, unaffordable for so many, requirements to read the news and communicate on the web. They've never been held back from a job due to such insane requirements as konowing (inside out) "html code" and software which obsolesces ... every six months.)


sorry "komrades" out there,... for going "Off Topic," ...but I really wasn't, you see ... dominoes ... yes Small Biznest ... is FUCKED ... BUT the MONSTERS are near impossible to restrain.


(hmmm, second thought ...I'm such a fool, so many times, ...restrain the small Biznests and they can't become: impossible to restrain, HUMUNGOUS BIZNESTS, ...

THOUGH, still hold to the fact that the larger BIZNESTS are the NASTIEST of all.)

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