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By Michael J. Smith on Friday September 7, 2012 06:27 PM

"The field of critical whiteness studies." No shit.

At last, an academic field where I actually have some qualifications. Why, I could be an instant Distinguished Professor Of Critical Whiteness Studies, with tenure and a membership in the faculty club, and moonlight as an exhibit in the Whiteness Museum. Is there insurance? Where do I apply?

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I like Wordpress and I'm getting hosting from for less than $10 a month.

Sorry. commented on wrong story.


David Roediger's take on the "political alliance called white race" can be of help in a world where an "openly white man"" passes for black.


Provoking amusement in the UK, Democrats accept some rewording of their platform.

I either know that guy or I know someone who looks just like him...

He's a wonderful person actually.



You know my cousin butt fuzz Paine ?

Amazing he survives on santa gigs Disney charcter turns
and NAMBLA relief/ defense funds

Where'd you meet him ?

Disneyworld Orlando ?

I see him every spring at sea world
working the petting pools
I go there to provoke the killer whales myself


The link by boink is superb

Read this guys shit it's great stuff

God bless the old CP
Level headed Deeply complex and everal faced

but with an axe like edge on at least one face


Yikes. It's SK

Not boink

Deepest sorrow for the miss

read this Roger dodger guys stuff

We could use more of this facts in depth and digested pov
This well tempered steadiness


Father S-curve
could lecture on boot strap whitey's inner Nixon


Examining the progressive aspects
Of the constantly self modifying petite bourgoise
Mission of sublation efforts :
Fully excavating one's personal Social identity " Found " sunk in whitenes a whiteness Produced in you over time
By your particular path of social construction i

Trap ?

Excessive immobilizing navel gazing

One hazard of the university as sand bunker
A progress threatening obstruction on life's class cloven golf course


I note the savage internal contradiction between growing commercialization of production and the exploitation opportunities provided by extending patriarchy into the market economy
Where spontaneous forces suggest an eventual " equalization" or convergence of exploitation rates between patriarchally disntict groupings

National and pseudo national partitions persist just as oligopoly pursists and even pervades devilment of marketing social production systems predicated on exploitation

Ahh these lovely internal contradictions

Pwogs naively surf these tides in and despite themselves ride these tides back out



My generation the boomer pwogs
over played the explicational content of both race and gender partitions

In themselves developments of the class struggle bases of social conflict
not the embedded origins of social conflict


Warning substance essaying underway he


Thatlinks to an article on oligoply amerikana style

It fails to notice the culprit vehicle of thirty six years of right shifting

The people's party choice after a brief shift left in 64 -74
Shifted back to the right and kept shifting right till it sweet spotted itself
Under bill Clinton bob Rubin
as eisenhowerism redux

Of course the barry and Timmy puppet theatre is that i like ike of an isms
latest and perhaps final painted egg

"Oh DP

You know my cousin butt fuzz Paine ?

Amazing he survives on santa gigs Disney charcter turns
and NAMBLA relief/ defense funds

Where'd you meet him ?

Disneyworld Orlando ?

I see him every spring at sea world
working the petting pools
I go there to provoke the killer whales myself"

Heh. Yep, that's him!

OP, you've got a wonderful sense of humor, you should display it more often.



The only compliment I take seriously
Thank u

I display it in meat world
about as often as Lyndon johnson displayed his dick


Thanks much for that photo, Michael (and yeah it is difficult to totally disengage cold turkey, but I’m working on it).

And weeeeell, aren’t there two phrases of the day there (or perhaps that was your meaning)?

I’d imagine most urban dwellers ...and all of the “chronically homeless,” recent homeless and soon to be homeless ....would love that gear ...particularly the matching tee and long-sleeve set, where one can both keep warm and choose who to flash the message to. Not to undermine the wonderfulness of that knit hat both brighten the landscape, and provide warmth and at least some cushion between the head and that brick wall in the day, or cement mattress at night. ....Nor to undermine the thick glasses, which to read, .... or, .... the peace smoke.

Yup, that looks like an outfit well worth the investment, ....I love it, his expression too: do you really need to buy a vowel you Bloodless, Racist, Classist, Misogynist .....EVIL ... Mother Fuckers in DC, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera .....????

(A huge hug and wave to Al, you brightened my world significantly, thank you!)


(I mean really, sometimes certain entities, like Karl Ochstradt, need to be punched in the fucking mouth when they creep into somewhat private, of a same mind spaces. ....

Yeah free slander in those public spaces ....but when one sets up something like a living room on the tubez .... one does, it would seem? ...have the right to say: disagree if you want but I'm not going to allow the feces fling all over the walls floor and ceiling at my new guests?

Technology has some truly ugly downsides, my take is that the powers that be absolutely love that so many have been made so transient, and therefore forced to socialize on the web, BUT! unable to, in their own locale....

I would love to see more effort put into connecting the renter and homeless class into a FORCE being discussed on the tubez, ...... yet, all I've heard are crickets ..........along with: I need some paypal money, as I don't want to become a transient (like "them")


(and speaking of that dead silence about attempting to connect those forever transient renters and homeless: I might as well say it: this is what disturbs me so much about Lambert's place:

It is as if only remaining home and garden owners are considered to have the very most sense there ...which is what makes his slaps at window smashing so very fucking hypocritical.

One does not sit on a bench with a homeless, or soon to be homeless person ...and ask them for advice about fixing their roof, or what to plant to keep the dear away ...unless they are truly out of it ..or, just looking out for themselves ......

It is truly like sitting on that bench and holding the hand of that starving person while waxing eloquent about last night's meal ...and oh so sorry ...I'd help you out ...but I've been saving up for my trip to Thailand ....... I need to get away for a while ....

I very much love, ... that I never got that vibe here ....thank you.)


(I very much love, ... that I never got that vibe here ....

okay, that's not exactly true (but it was true enough that I had some very wonderful moments here).


Schumannism as a Way of Life sounds mighty tempting. Don't let wc return 5000 (1800 left) for Vishnu's sake!


(and how could I forget (two comments above), let alone asking all those renters and homeless (never qualifying that they needn't, since he was clearly far more comfortable than them , partially on the backs of their signed on, non paid Hamster links and commentary?) for fucking money???????? I mean really all those signed on, non paid Hamsters aren’t pumping you up enough?

I was fucking DUMBSTRUCK by Lambert's trip to Asia, after requesting all of that monetary assistance like his shelter was collapsing about him,......reEAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLy? ....WHAT THE FUCK PRIVILEGED WORLD ARE YOU LIVING IN ........ LAMBERT????????? ...Most of us - even while commenting, sharing pertinent links, and hours of commentary - do it for free, yet don’t mind (actually feel obliged) giving money, when we have any, to someone paying for a central site .....BUT.)


(Oh my, that 5,000 rings a bell from the " ... Buffalo Bill" thread, "sk," happy to say that if you happen to be (not saying you are but you lost me, and doubtless countless others outside of those who've been reading here for a while, on your count?) counting my text, you can stop at the end of this comment (and if you are pathetically keeping track, I thought my life was resembling a nightmare, but at least it is a life well lived) ....Goodnight .... or whatever hour it is where you are "sk" you can stop counting now. .... wow.)


There are no limits to threads here
Till snuffy snuffs with his magic sniffer

Comment on Diane

The well is bottomless


Thank you Owen, but I really do need to disengage for a while ...the ‘wolf’ really threatens and I really need to shake a certain paralysis...though the warmth from you and others create a moth to light effect for me ....(that’s a compliment). Please give a huge hug to your “Uncle Butt Fuzz” for me sweetheart, I adore him and can just envision him singing with the dolphins, whales and seal.

(Oh and I’m really serious about the concept of engaging and empowering the chronic and newly transient, renter and homeless class ...what a force that could be for equality. I should clarify, that it’s not a contempt against the remaining homeowners, I pray the considerate among them are able to keep their homes as long as they desire to.)


(ahhhhh jeeeeeshhh: ..............Speaking of which, honey (the renter/homeless class ..and..yes, I can’t help myself) , ...I happened to catch some words from Cheri Honkala last night - about those wimminz relatives who had tenderly and caringly owned rooves over their heads, for twenty years ..only to see them thieved -...for vice prez,....if I even bother to go to that seemingly worthless booth, I may throw her fully written name, ...along with Cynthia McKinney’s, and Cindy Sheehan’s fully written names .....into a hoody and pick one with my eyes shut .... for someone to bring some kind of semblance of the better side of humanity back to reality........ and I don’t really give a rat’s as to how many times Cheri Honaker said “uhm” on Moyer’s bewigged and page boyed nest egg,..... I prefer a human, with a healthy and balanced dose of those decent energies.attributed to both biologicical females, and males, historically,..... to a bought bot who could care less about realizing they need to take a whilebefore they just throw out any old shit just to “win” .

Borrowing one of those “p”s from the wonderful ms. xeno: ;0P won’t be a Mitt vote sarcasm for me. I just can not and will not, its like totally giving up, .... to my mind.)


well sure, i met 'buttfuzz' decades ago, nixon couldn't decide whether to be pictured with him or

I pushed for BFP but Bucky Buchanan, not being aware of recent changes, thought more
highly of EP...

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