You can't fight progress

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday September 15, 2012 11:42 PM

Another startling phrase just, erm, came to my inbox: 'sexually progressive'. I thought it was a joke, but googulate it: this is something people actually say, or write, anyway, without any obviously ironic intent.

One might have thought that sex was something people had figured out rather well already, and quite some time ago. What progress is either possible or called-for? It seems unlikely that Elagabalus would have been too surprised by anything Craigslisters get up to these days.

But we live in an age of miracle and wonder, and presumably not to progress is to fall back. Excelsior!

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One might have thought that sex was something people had figured out rather well already, and quite some time ago.

Dragonflies scoff, and well they should.


Progress ?


But Much regaining the forgotten

"There are more words than there are things to call them with."

That's one problem.


The other being that there are things we don't have words for.

anne shew:

quick look in , anne has words ,wording for them , when the wintery comes , i will share some , maybe ,if i can find my placing with all of these penis commas and dots ,balls, not bowling , help with punc uation please, said born missing, out .. . ,


odd off (sans lunettes)


jeeeesh Boink, what a trouble stirrer....if it weren't getting so late, you would have had me searching links about that creep Elon Musk (of the mostly unaffordable $$$$$Greeen$$$$$$ Tesla electricity sucker/outage huge Bay Area Cali (and no doubt, Federal) tax breaks fame), Google's Page[boy], Nazi NASA, et al ...regarding the Mars obsession, which, no doubt we are all subsidizing in some manner while the earth most of us will remain on till we die, is being disembowled ... its living beings under constant threat of the obscenely moneyed's aggression and cruelty.


Think what THIS guy could achieve if he had as many aliases as what's-his(?)-name...ya know... Terry et al.


btw that earlier linked item, while interesting in its own right, and accurate, as I am ancient enough to attest, was intended as bait for a punishing rant from Flugs. I love Flugs AND a good lambasting (from time to time). I don't think Flugs and diane are on the same cloud wrt to that topic, though.


Oh, Boink, if you haven't already, you must look at the Differntial Calculus thread below, where sick fuck Terry/Karl/Hymen/etc., really crossed the line and used my name to post under, even while I was still posting.

Honestly, I do believe he will eventually creep someone out in the physical world so very much one day, that they'll aim a hollow point bullet, or take a bat to, his head and put him out of his fucking misery.


wow, looks like he's using your name now too. (I hadn't seen that 3:44 AM comment when I posted my last comment.)

Boink also @3:44AM (not sure about 'diane' @3:57AM):

Perhaps on the 'net we should follow this strategy:

From wikipedia:
Bewitched, Bothered and Bemildred: a trio of grubby, unshaven bats—hobos, gamblers, good-natured but innocent of any temptation to honesty. They admit nothing. Soon after arriving in the swamp they are recruited by Deacon Mushrat into the "Audible Boy Bird Watchers Society," (a seemingly innocent play on the Audubon Society, but really a front for Mole's covert surveillance syndicate.) They wear identical black derbies and perpetual 5 o'clock shadows. Their names, a play on the song title Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, are rarely mentioned. Often even they cannot say for sure which brother is which. They tell each other apart, if at all, by the patterns of their trousers—striped, checkered or plaid. (According to one of the bats, "Whichever pair of trousers you puts on in the morning, that's who you are for that partic'lar day.")


The wholesome and preventive Schumanite schears have been at work today on the comments, so there may be some failures in continuity.

diane, could you please elaborate a bit on the outrages of Tesla Motors? I've a new-found interest because I've just found out that as of a few days ago my brother works for them.

anne shew:

i've just found out that my brother , one of , has them working for him ..


I'll look over my links, and post about it here, Save the Oocytes, but it may take a bit.

In the meantime, one huge issue which quickly sunk below the horizon, is the stunning amount of electricity required to juice Tesla's, in particular, up (also, perhaps the expense and pathetic life of the battery it requires) and a piece (will look for the link) about expected grid outages due to the unaffordable by most $$$$Green$$$$$$$ autos juicing up, in other words, that majority which can't afford the Tesla will experience nothing but punishment .... which appears to be the standard mo of $$$$$$$$Green$$$$$$$$ policies in the UZ.

The other issue I'll toss out now is that Elon Musk is a fucking egomaniacal creep in my opinion. And I, yes subjectively, don't believe anything he founded was not totally self serving, versus creating something that actually benefits a significant majority of persons.

(Did your brother preciously work for Numi?)


(UGH, very sorry, don't know how I misspelled that one, but I intended: "previously" not "preciously.")


(Actually, I shouldn't have even asked you about whether he worked for Numi's a small world, please disregard that question, I'm sorry.)

Nope, no connection with Numi (it's a tea company?), which I just looked up.

It's easy to hit the wrong key when they're adjacent, like "c" and "v"; I knew what you meant.

I don't know anything about Elon Musk either, but Wikipedia says he's responsible for PayPal, which this site has also come out against. And I really hate the Mars thing.


On a much later re-read, I think I was mistaken about the 3:44 AM comment by Boink as being 'Karl's work (apparently, Karl only used my name to post under, unless the 12:24 AM comment was 'Karl''s?). I think I may have jumped the gun after having just read Boink's comment about aliases and Karl's vicious ‘Autobiography’ of me in the thread below - using my name as the author - which, I believe, Owen kindly snuffed. I saw the names Flug and diane in one sentence, as ‘Karl’ is so fond of combining, and assumed it was ‘Karl’ instead of concentrating on what was written.

Yeah Boink (trouble maker! (smile)), it's correct that I have a somewhat different view about space programs than Mike's. I'm generally aligned with Gil Scott-Heron's commentary on that. Further, I find it bleakly hilarious and typical that we’ve littered space so much with now ‘dying’ satellites, etcetera, that it’s become a very real danger to future ‘launches’ and people living in lucky areas who may have a ton, or so, of debris come crashing down on them with the horrifying force of a small asteroid collision.


Sorry, Save the Oocytes, I missed an "m" in NUMMI. I need to look up some links that I've lost as I want to do it 'justice' but from most of what I've sniffed about Musk, he's as unpleasant underneath it all as his GOPPER/Randian bud Peter Thiel is, yet Sly Con Valley generally speaks of him as if he's an altruistic god.

Sly Con Valley is filled with some wonderful people (just like so many other areas), people who worked in engineering, every bit as bright as him, with far, far better inventions and goals, who've lost their shirts and are barely keeping their heads above water.

And Mars? Yeah, what a swine fest, I'm imagining it could end up as the future cold as fuck Siberian prison system...alll those precious rare earths resources to be mined... And wasn’t bombing the fucking Moon just priceless?

Brian M:

diane...I enjoy Do The Math quite a bit. He has posted a variety of responses to the electric car myth.


Thanks much for that Brian.

(I'm currently mucking my way about a musk/sly con valley rabbit hole with all sorts of fake paths to daylight. Jeeesh, the fucking Roadster ($109k before tax (although I believe Cali may have exempted some or all of that for its initial Tesla owning thought leaders!!!! (at least that's what little Jimmy Whale's/wiki calls them) Battery costs $40k! .....and ya better leave that sucker sucking off the grid most of the time as the battery needs to be fed even while idle in a 10 plus car/hummer driveway (such as the Nazi Groper’s), as ya can't tow it, and it'll turn into an enormous brick!

The bright side, it looks like (per the wiki) Tesla sold more than 2,250 Roadsters in 31 countries[!!!!! 20+ per country, per year!!!!!!!!!] in the three to four years between 2008 and March of this year, for which it looks like Tesla, and our thought leaders!!!! , received millions of State and Fed freebies ... which we paid for .....Shake and Bake! ...and we haalllped! Oh and they began delivering a few of those ‘affordable’ $57K plus tax models previously reserved, in June.

Back down the rabbit hole, have a good evening! a hug to ya.)


(I should have written (emphasis on: "in which case," versus "and" .... and 'hidden costs' ...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ....:

...ya better leave that sucker sucking off the grid most of the time as the battery needs to be fed even while idle in a 10 plus car/hummer driveway (such as the Nazi Groper’s), as ya can't tow it, in which case, it'll turn into an enormous brick costing $40K plus shipping, labor, etcetera (bilking fees).... to rare repair shop, milesand miles/perhaps countries away (FOSSSSSIIIIIILLLLL FUUUUUUEEEEEEEELLLLLLL), .... 'to repair.'

Wellllll! what are ya'll waiting for? support your NATION STATE'S CLEAN!!!! ENERGY PROGRAM!!!!! and reserve a Tesla TODAY!!!!!!! Losers!!!!!!!

(good thing I don't like the sight of blood......))


(.... ahhhh welllll, ... hippety hop! ....back down that rabbit hole, ..... with the lingering, coked up asps ..... and amphetamined .... side winders .........)


Re: E-Musk, whom I highly suspect is a ‘closeted’ “Afrikaner” and definitely a Union Despiser (as so many of Sly Con Valley “$$$$”WHITE”/”SEMITE”$$$$$” Boy Wunderkinds - ruling everyone’s world, such as Gates, Jobs, Brinn, Page, Bezos, Thiel, Zuckerfuck, , et al, are and were (in Jobs case)) bar none – who invested his obscene techie pwogwessive online (therefore [$$$$$WE$$$$$] Do [k]No[w and Prey upon the masses, .... via nanosecondry] Evil [“online”]!!!! ) Bankster/ thievings (and no, he isn’t at odds with Peter [Ayn] Thiel [ ]) in “Colonizing Mars” and $$$$$$$Greeen Energy$$$$$$$ - ...and Tesla:

In the silenced backdrop of Tesla receiving total CALI/UZ Guvmint $$$$$Greeen Freebies$$$$$ (to the tune of a Cali $28.8 million valued Tesla Sales Tax exemption on its plant equipment, huge near free “Fed” Financed loan and $5,000 Cali/$7,500 Fed Rebates for about 20 or so Californians who could afford a $109K Tesla Roadster), amidst a stunning rate of unemployment and FRAUD gone wild in CALI, was the unionized NUMMI plant shut down:


Roughly [UNIONIZED, ... and far darker skinned as a group] 31,000 workers [versus the now, maximum (if that) 1,000 NON UNIONIZED Cali Tesla workers], from plant workers to people who work for the supply companies that provided NUMMI with its parts, lost their job when the plant shut down two months ago and many people are looking for work [WHICH THEY STILL HAVE NOT FOUND].

(well yeah, reading that linked piece, there were paltry Fed “shut your unionized mouth” gifties tossed out at convenient moments, but they only addressed the NUMMI workers, not that entire 31,000 victims. Worse, most of them fell under the control and direction of assholes such as the ex Employment Development Director!!!!!! now Milken Institute Fellow , liar asshole, linked here: )

(To be continued, and will do a linked recap of those freebies mentioned)


(while waiting for the second installment one can amuse themselves with E-Musk's BiPartisan Buy Offs, like his Reptilian Relative Meg Whitman, he was a "late starter," and bided his time .... till the getting really got OBSCENE, .... of course, .... always paying that due ... to dem Cali ... RethugoRats: )


(to better illustrate that latter day payoff to the Cali demRatThugs as things started heating up for the WunderAfrikaner, and the E-Musk worked on picking the perfect predatory locale: )




January 2010: $465M Federal loan with varying rates from 0.9% to a maximum 3.4% (detailed on page 15 of Tesla’s June 2012 Quarterly Report [1]).

Around September of 2011: Tesla requested yet another Federal loan ( ), though it looks like Obomber received too much (deserved) heat about the $$$Green$$$ auto loans doled out to approve a second loan so close to the election year. Maybe Obomber will gift Tesla with another loan post election since Musk went to the trouble of beefing up his 2012 Obomber contribution to $35K, before the second loan request ( ), from the $2K in 2008, a year when he contributed more to Rethugs than Demorats ( ).

FEDERAL TAX CREDIT (Not exactly a rebate, but if those who can afford a Tesla don’t have a tax liability of at least $7.5K that can be offset, something is wrong with that picture.)

Tesla Roadsters (cost $109K, production ceased in 2011) $7,500 Credit (2009 vehicles: post 2009 vehicles: ).

Tesla Model S (cost $57K - $105K dependent on Model and battery power) $7,500 Credit ( ).


06/30/08: $1.5M maximum Employee Training Grant and $9M maximum sales tax exemption on equipment ( ).

10/29/09: $28M maximum sales tax exemption (not sure whether the sales tax exemption is exclusive of the amount agreed upon in June 2008):

Tesla will purchase the machinery, but title to the equipment initially will be held by the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority, which doesn't have to pay sales tax on equipment used to make advanced vehicles. The authority, a state government entity formed in 1980, will then transfer title to Tesla.

The arrangement will save the San Carlos company more than $28.8 million.

STATE Z[ero] E [mission] V [ehicle] Credits (via producing unaffordable NON UNION plug in cars and selling the credit to other UNIONIZED auto manufacturers who will then jack up the price on the far more affordable cars .)

2011: $2.7M in ZEV credit Revenue in 2011 (from Page 11 of the 2011 Annual Report [1]).

2008 – 2010: Revenue from the sale of ZEV credits totaled $2.8M, $8.2M and $3.5M for 2010, 2009 and 2008 (from Page 114 of the 2010 Annual Report [1]).


05/24/07 - 04/30/09 $5,000 First come first served rebate on Teslas. ( ). Some sites (such as: ) note the beginning date as February 2008, but the Bill was retroactive.

031510: $5,000 maximum rebates renewed (,content=3541 ).


at $5,000 each, the new program will have initial funding for only 820 battery cars before the money runs out, .... The $109,000 Tesla Roadster is the only car on the state’s list that is both highway-capable and available now.

07/21/11 Maximum rebates halved to $2,500 ( sliced-in-half.html ) one month after Tesla announces it will stop taking orders and cease roadster production shortly ( ).

VARIOUS OTHER FREEBIES, ETCETERA, IN CALIFORNIA AND OTHER STATES (all of which is economically, mentally and time wise, penalizing millions of renters and condo owners (the public use charging stations are near nonexistent [2]) and millions of homeowners who couldn’t possibly afford the car, let alone a Hybrid, or any new car at this point)


(footnotes will follow in next comment)



[1] SEC Report for Tesla –

Annual Reports are coded (under “Filings”) as: “10K”
Quarterly Reports are coded (under “Filings”) as: “10Q”
Proxy Statements are coded (under “Filings”) as: “DEF 14A”
IPO registrations are coded (under “Filings”) as: S-1
Stock Ownership Changes are coded (under “Filings”) as: “4”

(The above codings are standard SEC codings for any “Publicly Traded Corporation.” For those statements not noted above, there’s a cross reference here: though it doesn’t appear all inclusive, as Proxy Statements (“DEF 14A” ... which include executive compensation), for one, aren’t referenced there (though they are referenced here: )

[2] Public charging stations:
From comment by baldhealdeddork January 21, 2012, at 1:04 PM, re charging stations, here: :

That difference in how charging sites are counted actually makes a very big difference. The DOE says there are 5430 public* charging stations in the US and over a third of those (1452) are in California. But a second database shows that there are just 425 public charging locations in the state.

Wait, it's not even that good. The asterisk in the last paragraph is because many of those public charging stations aren't public at all. The DOE counts charging locations at places like Google, HP and Netflix as public because employees can charge there, but they are closed to the actual public. You can also scratch the Nissan dealers off the list unless you're driving a Leaf, and (ironically) all of the charging stations operated by Commonwealth Edison and LADWP are not open to ConEd or LADWP customers.
That removes 198 of those 425 locations, leaving just 227 places in the state where you can plug in your Tesla. But its still worse than that, because those private sites have a hugely disproportionate number of the charging stations in the state. Google's facilities in Mountain View alone make up 10% of all the "public" charging stations in the entire state. That's great if you work for Google, but if you don't there are just four chargers at one parking garage in the rest of Mountain View.

That's typical for the state. Want to charge your EV in LA and you're not a ConEd or LADWP employee? You can go to a hospital or hotel parking garage, or an elementary school, or the public library. But only a handful of hospitals, hotels, schools or libraries, and because most only have one or two charging stations if someone beat you there you've got a long wait until you can begin to fill up.

And that's life for a Tesla owner in the most EV friendly-state in the US. Anywhere else it gets a lot worse very quickly

(To be continued)

Wow, diane, there's a whole lot here. Thanks!


Hey there! You're very welcome.

I'm not quite done yet, will be posting some more some time today.



When the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. [NUMMI] plant in Fremont shut down on April 1, 2010 [April Fool’s Unionized Losers ! ..nice corporate touch.], phones weren't ringing for the 4,700 employees who found themselves out of a job. Many had been working there for 25 years, turning out GMs and Toyotas at what was regarded as the most advanced, best-run auto manufacturing plant in the country.


"Hiring former Nummi workers is a priority," ..[lied] ... Tesla CEO Elon Musk.


So far, Tesla, which currently has "1,000+" employees, according to its website, has not proved to be a port in the storm, despite Musk's assurances. Of the roughly 200 employed at the old Nummi plant in June, Castillo said he saw the names of 28 former Nummi workers listed.

Tesla spokesman Khobi Brooklyn said she did not know specific numbers of former Nummi workers now at Tesla. "We expect to hire additional manufacturing, engineering and sales and marketing people with the launch and ramp-up of production of the Model S (electric sedan) in 2012," she said, without saying if any would be drawn from Nummi ranks for this or any other projects. "Tesla is hiring the best and the brightest for every position here at Tesla."

Ahhh well, a case of Creative Destruction and the fate of what many did feel were “the best” workers:

"The Nummi workers became almost immediately invisible," said Harley Shaiken, a labor economist at UC Berkeley, who chaired a blue-ribbon state commission looking to persuade Toyota to keep operating the Nummi plant. "Their suffering has received little attention, even though as a workforce, they were one of the best of the industry.

"That workers who achieved such success wind up being unemployed in such numbers, and for so long, is a very sad commentary on our labor market."

No small wonder only 28 were hired from ex NUMMI workers. Apparently, despite his blatant lie of prioritizing the hiring of layed off Union employees, it’s not about the best and the brightest, it’s about those pesky unions, when one reads between the lines of this tidbit under “Risks,” from page 57 of Tesla Motor’s 2011 Annual Report [1]:

Our business may be adversely affected by union activities.

Although none of our employees are currently represented by a labor union,...
.... We recently purchased an existing automobile production facility in Fremont, California from NUMMI and we plan to produce our Model S at such facility. Prior employees of NUMMI were union members and our future work force at this facility may be inclined to vote in favor of forming a labor union. ....The mere fact that our labor force could be unionized may harm our reputation in the eyes of some investors and thereby negatively affect our stock price. Additionally, the unionization of our labor force could increase our employee costs and decrease our profitability, both of which could adversely affect our business, prospects, financial condition and results of operations.

Yet another lie, appears to be that E-Musk gives a rats ass about ever producing cars that are affordable outside a handful of Thought Leaders’ wallets.

While Tesla was sold - for its $465M bail out and loads of Freebies - as ultimately bringing emission free cars to the public at large, E-Musk made great noise, prior to all those obscene government freebies, about the overall intent to manufacture an affordable vehicle. That, affordable vehicle, was called the “Bluestar” ( ) - which frankly, at $20 - $30K, would still have been unaffordable to most. That model has been quickly ‘forgotten’ and the next model (Model X) planned, is the SUV version of the unaffordable Model S ($57K - $105K) which is currently being produced. Further, E-Musk has also been drooling about an even more obscenely expensive “Super Car” ( ), while now merely whimperingly alluding to an unnamed affordable model and making no comment about what happened to the Bluestar Model, if it ever even existed.

Predictably, on page 9 of Tesla’s somewhat more truthful latest (2011) Annual Report [1] there’s no mention of the Bluestar affordable vehicle at all, though it vaguely states:

We have also publicly announced our intent to develop a third generation electric vehicle to be produced at the Tesla Factory. We intend to offer this vehicle at a lower price point and expect to produce it at higher volumes than our Model S. We expect that this vehicle will be produced a few years after the introduction of the Model X crossover.

While blatantly admitting that the next in line for production is a SUV version of the Model S:

We plan to start Model X production in late 2013 and ramp up to significant customer deliveries in early 2014. This unique vehicle has been designed to fill the niche between the roominess of a minivan and the style of an SUV, while having high performance features such as a dual motor all-wheel drive system.


[1] See above (posted on September 25, 2012 20:49 )


Yeah ...predictably, it has been implied by others that E-Musk is an inveterate liar (the entire piece linked and excerpted below (which I’ve omitted some interesting hyperlinks from for space’ sake) is worth reading; though I have to say the author’s ironic admiration for E-Musk, despite the E-Musk’s lies, disturbs. Then again, I find “Capitalism” disturbing, clearly unlike the author):


...along the way, he [E-Musk] discovered that he could stretch the truth, casually and frequently, as a shortcut to getting things done.

Clad in a sheen of bubbly optimism, his mendacity nonetheless has consequences. After Tesla’s IPO, he has now taken hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers and public investors who expect not just a return but square dealing from the man who is managing their company for them.


Musk’s personal spending

There are other whoppers in Musk’s piece, such as the suggestion that he’s spending merely $30,000 a month on household expenses. Actually, the figure is close to $100,000, according to filings in his divorce case, including $50,000 a month in rent.


When Tesla’s finances were at their most perilous, in the winter of 2008 and spring of 2009, the company was dependent on advance reservation payments from customers for cash flow. The company’s cash balance had run down to $9 million, and the company was struggling to raise $40 million in convertible debt. (He announced that that round had closed in November 2008, while in fact, according to Tesla’s SEC filings, it did not close until March 2009.)

To raise funds in the meantime, Tesla began taking deposits on the Model S sedan, even though that car was far from production, and continued taking deposits on Roadsters. Musk first told customers that he would personally guarantee the deposits they were placing, “even in the worst case of an Armageddon scenario.” Then he said that their deposits were completely at risk and they could lose all their money. One of those statements had to be false.

And back to those hopes of those thousands of layed off (many, being Non Afrikaner duskier hued, who already, and historically, have been abused with deadly unemployment rates), what a psychopathic liar:

The Toyota deal

After unveiling an agreement to buy the NUMMI plant in Fremont, Calif. from the Toyota-backed joint venture which owned it, Musk claimed that Tesla and Toyota planned to jointly develop several models of cars and build them at NUMMI. It’s true that he got Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda to stand next to him and make grand promises. But in fact, as the company later revealed in its SEC filings, Tesla and Toyota had no agreement to develop any cars, and there was no guarantee that they ever would.

But good luck finding anything negative about E-Musk, or TESLA, from the mainstream media, or Sly Con Valley Techie/$$$$GREEEN$$$$$ Bloogers, particularly within Sly Con Valley:


It's another illustration that Tesla is going to sell this car with the quiet acquiescence of uncritical and easily impressed [and paid off or pressured mehbe?] gadget reporters. It's a great model and it appears to be working. Does the car itself work? We have no idea, but it looks pretty great.

I imagine his sycophants and fellow – fricken creepy as all fuck, Singularity Institute obsessed - Thought Leaders’ , love to reverently slobber over the fact that he’s an Austere, minimum wager Thought Leader ™. After all!, ... and even per page 25 of the 2012 Proxy Statement [1]: E-Musk received only a legally required minimum wage, plus $1 dollar salary in 2011 and 2010!!!! ... but oopsie, per page 30, ...that compensation in 2009 (those persnickety, not exactly valueless options), was valued at an obscene $24M. Additionally, last month, per an 08/15/12 Statement of changes in beneficial ownership of securities filing [1], he was ‘awarded’ 5M plus options, exercisable at $31 (which presumes a minimum $155M value), while Tesla is swimming in losses( ) that we’ve so far bailed them out of, despite no benefit whatsoever (only punishment) to the vast majority of us.


[1] See above (posted on September 25, 2012 20:49 )

(To be continued)


(Correction: My brain burp $155M calculation on the minumum value of E-Musk's August options award (at the bottom of my comment directly above) was incorrect. I don't have a replacement amount but will say the award wouldn't at all be considered insignificant.)


While I'm pondering how to recap those things I still want to spit out about E-Musk's "T" (The Singularity ?) symbology, thought I would throw out this:

09/27/12: COTD: The Highway Of Tomorrow Is Lined With Powerdicks

With Tesla's supercharger fresh in our minds, magman007 questioned how the Mercedes will fit into things.
I think all of the electric car manufacturers have to get on the same page NOW about charging stations. Will this work with the new Tesla Powerdick/Electrocock? Is Mercedes going to install its own phallic charging stations standing tall along the sides of our interstates?

one of those rare fruits from gawker, that is: something at least taking a slight powder puffed jab at our 'power masters' (although almost all of those gawker writers seem like they would adore being in that clan).

The funny thing is, while doing my own E-Musk research, I too, saw a piccy of those planned, mostly non-solar (outside of desert climes (which those first six installments are in) ...the rest of them are apparently secret deals E-Musk has to plug into the electrical grid?), Tesla plug in stations with that deformed over testosteroned Afrikaner penis statue and, Gigantic Prick, was the first thing that came to my mind also. I imagined E-Musk furiously jacking off to hiz gawd in his ugly lizard face ....after his recent proclamation.

So despicable that neither Bloomberg (09/25/12:, ), or gawker (09/25/12: ), while both linking to the following, recent Tesla link, didn’t state the obvious, which is that Tesla is hinting that it will mostly, across the country, be plugging into the grid (possibly putting the lights out, in that highway diner ..if not the entire neighborhood) and that more than two plug in customers at a time ...will quickly incite a lizardian power master brawl:

Tesla Superchargers are placed [how can they be placed when they are not even placed yet? - diane] along well-traveled routes in North America [They are only placed in desert climes of California – diane]. Six stations are currently active, expanding to over 100 stations in 2015. They’re designed to give road trippers half a charge in about half an hour. That’s 150 miles of range with our 85 kWh battery.

How the fuck did Bloomberg and gawker miss the implication that E-Musk will, for the most part, somehow be allowed to suck from an already weakened electrical grid when both of them directly linked to the following Mother Fucking Sociopathic Con:

Supercharging is a game-changing solution to a common question ... .... And, at many locations [that “many” word only applies at this moment, because all six current locations are in desert climes – diane] , solar cells mounted on the weather canopy charge your Model S with solar energy

(oh, and please note, before it’s erased, how that map implies San Francisco, yet it’s impossible to have a Solar Charged Tesla plug in station in San Francisco or anywhere near it.)


(answer: Bloomberg and gawker missed it because they desired to "miss" it.)


(Sorry, not sure how I screwed that up with the added comma, but the above 09/25/12 Bloomberg/"businessweek" link:,

should be:

(And, again, it deceptively implies that all of the Tesla charging stations planned will be via solar energy, which is a blatant lie which was clearly discernable via the Tesla url they linked to.))

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