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November 21, 2009

Maybe the Mayans got it right


Good news -- in the long run, of course: via Talking Points Memo:


       Approve 49%, Disapprove 44%
       Nov 20 Gallup

(finally, President Timberlake's numbers drop into the zone of normal 
objective reality. I can only assume that the 7% not accounted for were 
too drunk to answer the poll)

       Pres '12
       Obama (D) 49%, Huckabee (R) 44%
       Nov 20 PPP (D)
       Pres '12
       Obama (D) 51%, Palin (R) 43%
       Nov 20 PPP (D)
       Pres '12
       Obama (D) 46%, Paul (R) 38%
       Nov 20 PPP (D)
       Pres '12
       Obama (D) 48%, Romney (R) 43%
       Nov 20 PPP (D)
...basically, President Timberlake only breaks 50% when pitted against former Governor I Can Dress My Own Moose.

It really was a "perfect storm" of events, recently: we had the epic FAIL of the Obama Administration in the areas of healthcare, the economy, and the war in Afghanistan; the Democrats stumbling in the recent elections in Virginia and elsewhere; Obama's approval rating dropping to a level representative of normal objective reality; the ominous spectre of defeat for the Democrats in the 2010 off-year elections -- and a movie just out about the end of the world in 2012, which was pretty much the icing on the conceptual cake.

Now, I'm not into clairvoyance or prophecy or any of that woo-woo, but the events of the past year -- most notably the healthcare "reform" debacle -- had gotten me to thinking that at least in one respect, the Mayans may have been on to something...

October 1, 2010

Like rats from a ...

Sorry for the cliche. But first Larry, and now Rahm. Even the talking heads on NPR this morning allowed as how Rahm might be thinking he'd be out of a job anyway in two years -- and the understrapper of a President without a legislature, in that many months, they might have added, but didn't.

It'll be nice to see the last of Rahm. Supposedly he's going to run for mayor of Chicago. It's hard for me to believe that the good people of that bloody-minded city won't hand him his tutu on a platter. It's still very much a machine town. But it's been years since I lived there, and who knows, maybe he's got the thing... choreographed.

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