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February 25, 2008

Act Responsibly: Don’t Vote!

This delightful link was passed along by a helpful colleague:

Act Responsibly: Don’t Vote! That’s not a bumper sticker you’re likely to see in coming weeks. Instead the ballot will be revered like a religious object and voting will be declared a duty. But what if the ballot is just one more government form to fill out? What if the most politically powerful act is to say "no" by tearing the form in half?

This November, most people won’t "do it" in the voting booth despite attempts to shame them. They will spend the time on activities that enrich their lives: buying groceries, playing with children, catching up on work....

If war itself can’t motivate people to put a checkmark in a box, it is time to consider non-voting from a radically different perspective. Maybe non-voters are right. After all, if most people refuse to buy a product with which they’re acquainted, do you blame them or the product? ...Voting is not an act of political freedom. It is an act of political conformity. Those who refuse to vote are not expressing silence. They are screaming in the politician’s ear: "You do not represent me. This is not a process in which my voice matters. I do not believe you."

Couldn't have said it better myself -- or half as well, come to think of it.

May 29, 2012

Only In America

Only in America could a man go from being a run of the mill, self-involved, self-aggrandizing asshole to the ultimate heights: the most self-involved, self-aggrandizing asshole in the entire world. His trajectory is without doubt clear proof of exceptionalism's value.

Obama's high school shenanigans, as they're calling them in the press, can't really be used against him politically. The thumbsuckers agree and and so do I. Of course not. People who are going to vote for him will be doing so precisely because he's exactly the same as he was in high school, only without a joint in his hand to distract him. He might as well be Mitt Romney, which is the whole point of the exercise.

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