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By Owen Paine on Friday July 11, 2008 10:27 AM

Ob's lily-white meritoids want like hell for their guy to come through all this as the first national post-color line black pol, but maybe Clio has other plans for him. Maybe he's to play a role like the earnest intense guy pictured here:

Reviewing his recent sermon on fatherhood maybe Ob knows this is his real deeper darker calling, and is cool with it. Maybe he knows he comes off a shitload better as an update of ole Booker T than as a Negro League version of Mattress Jack -- at least in sympathetic non-black job-class living rooms.

His reversal/reversion timely message to the vast white and Latino undershirt class? "Now we're together -- but on the moral plane, anyway, not quite equal."

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Michael Hureaux:

He ain't even that real.

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