van jones part deux

By Owen Paine on Monday April 9, 2012 02:55 PM

this follows an earlier post :


carefully recall these plain unvarnished facts :

we pwogs
and fan like goo goo spirits

--with the help of several
oppressed and quasi oppressed minorities--

elected Barry POTUS in november 2008

and then ...everything went south

sez brother van jones
--- in a column flogging his how to book ---

lets do it all again in '12
let's back Barry
...only this time after the ballot battle is won
... we better get the serious bidniss done this time baby...... gooood and done !!!!!!

jones figures last time
we pwogs
---all the pwogs and nothing but the pwogs----
...err aka ' the movement ...
had entirely
the wrong " theory of the presidency. "

we were wrong dead wrong to expect a champion of progressive Change


we need to learn this time

A POTUS is at best
a kindly opportunist

so this time we need to learn how to move an opportunist to the left
and then
do it !

here's what Jones sez shoulda gone down last time
and oughta go down this next time round ...when it will be different ...
way way different

last time
" Once it became obvious that ...( Barry )..was committed to
bipartisanship at all costs...progressives needed
to reassess our strategies, defend our own interests,
and go our own way"

last time
". It took us way too long to internalize this lesson-
and act upon it."

(act upon it ?? when did that happen Van ?)

shameless ???

as if organizations set up to support
a candidate
can morph into
a serious core
ready to threaten power
with an all court
ocean to ocean people's press

total crap

its like eunicks can not reproduce

its a known fact

here's the central lie :

"The independent movement for hope and change,...
died around conference tables in
Washington, DC........"

its a lie
there never was
an " independent movement for hope and change"

the mission was always far simpler

build grass roots organizations
that "we" control ...."'we" the insider pwogs

the elite we
that will
if Barry wins ... "walk with the president "

last time

"Somewhere along the line,
a bottom-up, largely decentralized phenomenon
found itself trying to function as a subcomponent of a
national party apparatus. "

somewhere along the line ??
try from JUMP STREET brother jones

and we're told this happened
"Despite the best intentions of practically everyone involved"

" best of intentions " ..."pactically everyone " ....amazing

at any rate

as jones sez

"the whole process wound up sucking the soul out of the movement."



no one here at SMBIVA buys that quality of blow back shit

but does anyone else buy it ?

come on jones

some how this time will be different ???

this time

we will shake the peoples fist when Barry strays

we will build independent organizations
march on the capitol
storm the white house
occupy the FBI

of course this we
that will be doin it all right and proper this time

are the same WE
that built and ran the cut outs last time


i hear peter sellers in 'whats up pussycat '
declaiming with great conviction:

"i promise... i'll never do it again "

what follows immediately
is a digression into the greater details
of van's version
audacity of hope


bad enough already i know

so this section is only for those agitprop gluttons among u

the rest can jump ahead
to the brief finale

please do

you aren't missing anything


now they are gone
those silk tights pinkos

let us real class wranglers
see our mr jones dig his cess pit deeper

calling the rest even more shameless
hardly covers it

he recalls last time in 08

"The administration was naïve and hubristic
enough to try to absorb and even direct
the popular movement that had helped to elect the president."

note he makes the essential admission
a whale of an admission
but only in the form of an even bigger lie

jones asserts

it was a post election
white house effort
that was out "to absorb and even direct "

not a ' from day one "...
way pre election
sharply pointed single pupose mission

the mission
of everyone of those de facto
if not de jure
party cutouts was to absord and direct
to co opt and pre empt
to ....etc etc

and that isn't enough of course

no it isn't enough
to completely rewrite the story
air brush out the big We's fangs
there everywhere
even in the very first nebulus group portraits in 07

van has to rub our poor small faces in muck

yes us

all of us cutout conned
shepard's shit pie eating
little We's
of pwogdom

were " the main problem ..." all along
not the elite We's

yes US we little We's
the rough guts
of "... the movement itself "

yes its our fault

we the little We's were
".. naïve and enamored ..."

we the little We's
".... wanted to be absorbed and directed."

yup we wanted it ...WANTED IT BAD !

and boy oh boy we sure got it
and got it ' good and hard '
as ole HLM might have observed

more salt in wounds anyone ?...try this

"....Instead of marching on Washington,
many of us
longed to get marching orders from Washington. "

see i told you so or did i ?

we're fucking stooges at heart

at any rate

its as obvious as
electric Al's package

jones wants us little We types

to feel every bit as culpable no more culpable
his fellow big WE types

WE the total WE are all in this together

all on the same freight cars headed for the GOP torture camps

and we lost last time
because we all
" much wanted to be a part of something beautiful
that we forgot how ugly and difficult
political change can be".

yup its just so

we dopey day dream believers

his WE got
jobs and chat up visits with Barry

and we little We's
got to be fans

we ended up cheering or booing
we were still just fans ...passive hot dog eating
bleecher seat spectators

i know i'm repeating myself

i can't help it...but one more time

"Despite the best intentions of practically everyone involved,
the whole process wound up
sucking the soul out of the movement."

"sucking the soul out of the movement."

read the whole damn thing
in fact read it over twice..out loud

it makes a great hate time
shout script


end of digression



lets clean this up fast


to move into high gear this time
to get to the promised land this time

we need the correct theory

the correct "theory" ?


"In America, change comes when we have two
kinds of leaders, not just one. We need a president who
is willing to be pushed into doing the right thing, and
we need independent leaders and movements that are
willing to do the pushing. "

" We already have our head of state who arguably is willing to be pushed."

gulp !

but but but but but

" We do not yet have
a strong enough independent movement
to do the pushing."

so lets build it .....sez mr jones

not another score of jack ass cutouts ....van ???

real barn burners ??

why am i unconvinced ??

Comments (2)

Jeezus, Paine; that's some screed up there. It looks like your answer to Kerouac's Mexico City Blues.

But, aaaaaaaanyway...

Looks as if you saw the same interview I saw with Van Jones, plugging his book on Scarborough's program last Friday morning. I'd read and heard a lot about him, but that was the first time I actually heard him expressing himself in his own voice. Jeezus, that muthafucka is empty, man... all vapor. Shoveling the same old pile of shit about how we have to "push" Obama, not even bothering to explain that the guy's basically a Conservative, and that the whole job of Obama and his party is to keep the Left on the reservation.

As I suspected, there's absolutely nothing to the sonofabitch -- just like Obama. Looks like I was right not to join the chorus of Pwog pants-pissing when Obama made him walk the plank.


I tried to be as negative as possible

Maybe jones isn't a cut out ...anymore
or maybe he never was..... in his own mind

But only the Democratic apparatus gains credibility
When it's sitting POTUS is described as
" willing to be pushed"
"willing" ?

If left intact
Ie with it's corporate core in place
The party is merely the soft head of the hegemonic orthrus
No prez of the Jack ass variety
will get willingly "pushed" into anything
Unless it's the famous briar patch

Only a very brutish shove
might expedite a progressive reform
And only then
If that reform has
many other potential systemic virtues
Systemic virtues ?
Aspects that perpetuate a a specific structure
capitalism has got it self into and from that structure has gotten itself
Into a crisis
It stubbornly refuses to get itself out of

Like now.....
With wall street
Even after crashing the economy
in the very same set of bourbon hands
and Washington
With it's two party tango
remains in wall streets pocket

Think Jim crow or the near zero hooverian federal transfer mechanism
or no wage floor or hour ceiling or ....

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