libya update..when the old state falls and the new state fails...

By Owen Paine on Saturday May 12, 2012 07:03 AM

" Libyans complain about the lack of safety and the accumulation of trash ."

"The Tripoli government has been unable to exercise its authority over the militias that continue to patrol the streets of the various cities."

" The lack of central authority has meant a collapse of the judiciary. "

, "the majority of detainees remain held by ..... military and security entities and by militias operating outside the law."

" On May 1, the U.N. Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL)....
raised concerns about the political prisoners
and asked the government to
"establish an effective internal inspection mechanism
covering all places where persons are deprived of their liberty." "

" The political prisoner issue creates a climate of impunity for the militias.
If they can get away with their jails, they can get away with anything."

" Ordinary Libyans ...have to walk by piles of trash, a symbol of the failure of the state."

" The sad state of affairs with the trash collection has galvanized residents to form their own organizations, such as Cleaning Up Tripoli."

" They cannot take on the gunmen, but they can at least sweep the streets. "

"The sentiment among ordinary people is that the Tripoli government and the Benghazi NTC are more inclined to pay attention to the oil merchants and to foreign leaders than to the troubles of Libya."

" Elections are slated for June 20. Last week, candidates began to file their papers. "

"The Washington-based National Democratic Institute has been advising the government on elections ...."

"In late April, on the advice of their betters, the NTC banned parties "based on religion or ethnicity or tribe.""

" The Muslim Brotherhood turned up its nose. They were poised to do well in the elections. They are fighting to overturn their banishment. "

"The capillaries of political power flow through the very social dynamics that the NTC has banned. They want to rig the election so that one of the pro-Western liberals wins."

" It is likely that, close to the election, the unpopular Prime Minister Abdurrahim el-Keib will resign in favor of Benghazi's own Fathi Baja. As a preview, on April 26, the NTC sacked the cabinet of el-Keib. Baja led the move. " "

Vijay Prashad in a counter punch report


i like the notion of scattered multi centered pluralistic autonomous gulag units

"If they can get away with their jails, they can get away with anything." !!!!!

and those spontaneous clean up co ops ? gotta love that spirit of barcelona bit

and of course the super natural presence of
the fairy god mother of fairy god mothers

the National Democratic Institute

and how 'bout
no tribes no sects ...please

this is a democracy you want here ..right ? "


too bad
the people in arms
have to figure out
how to handle each other inside
their oil gig sand trap
b4 some MNC steering wheel type
like this fathi baja guy
gets hizzself
"elected "
to centrally civilize the place
laputa style

no time to self organize the post-state
voluntary society

like in Somalia

for your personal dated disinfo file
please find below
a link to a group portrait
of ostensibly laputa sponsored
" national steering wheels"

--very dated X out the duds at your pleasure and add fresh rogues as they emerge --

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Libyans might want Qaddafi to return

disinfo or normal combination
of pirates [dat ol black gold
can get a hold on u]

and under-loaded bureaucrats

Months after rebels brought down the extravagant dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi, the disarray in Libya's state finances at the end of last year was so bad the new leadership did not know the size of state assets, how their money was being spent, or what had happened to more than $2 billion transferred from the sovereign wealth fund.

An internal National Transitional Council (NTC) document paints a picture of a government bureaucracy so fractured and disorganised that nobody appeared able to keep track of what money was coming in, and how much was going out.
In the report, the NTC committee said it had no information on why the LIA's assets had shrunk. "Total (LIA) resources after 2010 allocations were $65 billion, how did it become $62.956 billion?" the report asked.

these guys sound like they're speaking of a usdod program designed to creat 'a few' more libyan [and us] millionaires.

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