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By Owen Paine on Wednesday December 7, 2005 04:02 PM

Yes, mates -- la bella Nancy is getting her DLC pushback. This morning, over the usual AM buttered crumpet, the gimlet-like Wang eyes pounced upon this in the Washington Post. (Don't click just yet, please -- let me have the pleasure of telling you.)

Two names to conjure with:

  • Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.)
  • Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.)

This pair of quivering dermatophytes are respectively the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman and the second-ranking House Democratic leader. You can probably play their song without me even humming a few bars: Pelosi's stance "could backfire on the party." Twisted Cal gals Jane Harman and Ellen Tauscher have articulated a House clone of the Republican Senate resolution calling for "a period of significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty" and a Bushmill explanation of his "strategy for the successful completion of the mission in Iraq."

But of course la bella Pella stands firm, right?

Wrong. I quote her press flack:

"While Pelosi estimates more than half of House Democrats favor a speedy withdrawal, she will lobby members in today's meeting against adopting this as a caucus position."
That's right, not a typo, against against against.

Aaahh Nan, you still have my, um, attention; but my heart is broken.

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