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Steve Lynch party

By Owen Paine on Wednesday December 7, 2005 11:22 AM

(Wang in lyrical mode again, via Archy. For background, see Squeeze the Bay State Stooges.)

dear rep steve

  okay   you are it  buddy boy

we with the brown bags over our heads have chosen


we want you
the  bay state's
       lowest hangin  war mongrel

yup we're givin'
marty and ed a pass
           in 06
long as they fly straight
here on out

but  u

u gotta  prove u mean it
                             big time

like cinderfellah

u be our bitch or

we  run over
     ya  next november

we got just the right blend of candidate
                                          to bounce ya
a bemedaled
  marine  viet vet from southie

he's bronzed  buff
sharp as a grade school thumb tack
                          and  ready to rumble .....

     hey  here's a thought

  not  that this will save u

but as a token of u
             "catchin our drift"

try this on

   since   you're on the house sub-c
  charged with the  noble mission
                    of rooting out all fetid thievery
    inside   gub contracting
                  over there in the sand trap...

    start  raising holy  hell   steve
stop the river of green gravy
in its  privatizing tracks

call for a freeze of funds
call a halt to about the biggest
taxpayer rip-o-ramakoff
since bebe rebozo resold
      those    alp high piles
            of hot tires
                      back in '43

do it steve nooooow
  sing solo baby

sing  like its wagner

  'out truman truman'
as  they used to say
     back in bebe's day

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