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By Owen Paine on Sunday February 5, 2006 01:32 PM

As a commenter here ably stated not long ago:
"There's far more dignity in jumping off a cliff than being chloroformed and thrown off...."
Reading this passage again, just now, got my gnomic soul a-twisting. What is the latest brand of choloroform for us lefty types?

Let's start with this conciousness killer: "politics is the art of the possible." Surely you know who that's attributed to?

It's in that spirit I take up Kerry's recent NYT blooper, "we all support surveillance."

My lord, eh?

Well, though we must never ever again vote for the likes of him, I implore you -- forgive 'em. They so wish they had a hard-nosed profile. They are so far from the streets, the merit snobs believe mythical millions of white gum-heads really adore sheriffin' leaders. Liberal ilks like chinny John and Saint Hillary want nothing more then to lead America back to the humanist 90's -- but first they think they have to out-Herod Herod, before they can lure the mutts away from the Republican vigilantes.

Ah the plight... trying to shepherd a nation that they too believe is on the verge of turning lynch mob, back to peaceful pastures.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

You're much more charitable than I. My guess is they have no real objection to four more years of brutal misgovernance. I think they're hoping for a repeat of the Reagan/Bush years, amplified, that would bring out enough votes to put a yellow dog into office and make whatever neoliberal peccadiloes they favor look comparatively beneficent.


They're a little like the understudy in a Broadway play -- sure, they'd like to be the star, but hey, they're working.

Tim D:

Well Kerry's right in a way. I mean I support surveillance too...of the U.S. government and candidates' campaign contributions.

J. Alva Scruggs:

Who among us doesn't support surveillance? even when the people doing admit that it's been useless for it's stated purpose.


On the other hand it might have been quite useful for an unstated purpose.


if the bushmillers
could have stated their purpose
they would have visted the judge


Happy to be of assistance, jsp. ;)

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