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Fund-raising McCain

By Michael J. Smith on Monday February 6, 2006 12:34 PM

What's gotten into John McCain? All of a sudden he's as pugnacious on the subject of Iran as Joe "Mad Dog" Lieberman or Hillary "Mrs Grendel" Clinton.

I have a theory. (You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?)

In the context of his own party, McCain is a bit of a maverick. A lot of the True Believers think he's a RINO -- a Republican in Name Only, for those of you who have passed up the joys of the right-wing blogsphere. The fetus fanciers and rapturists don't think he's really one of them, and neither do the machine-gunners. So he is not going to be able to tap all the usual sources of Republican funding. Hmmm. Where to go with the candidate's begging bowl?

*Cartoon lightbulb over head* Hey! How about the Israel lobby? Why not grab some of those chips that usually end up on the Democratic side of the table?

Even more than with the Iraq war, the Iran nuke scare is a golem ginned up by the Israeli propaganda ministry. Nobody else much cares about Iran getting the Bomb; but a nuclear Iran would have the effect of diminishing (if not removing entirely) Israel's capacity to exert nuclear blackmail on its neighbors. So apart from McCain the people making the most noise about ayatollahs-with-nukes have been the usual AIPAC suspects: Hillary, Joe, Chuckie Schumer.

If I'm right about this, it suggests some interesting reflections. If McCain thinks he can tap funding sources that have historically leaned heavily Democratic, presumably he has some reason for believing that. Are pro-Israel donors starting to feel lately that Democrats aren't, perhaps, the best possible investment?

Well, nobody ever said they were dumb. But if it's true that even the Fort Zion lobby is getting restless in the Democratic tent, then that in turn suggests that the decline of the Democratic Party may be entering its terminal phase.

Not a minute too soon.

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I've always loved how liberals who wet themselves over a poseur like McCain don't ever seem to recall his using a racist term for Asians in public a few years back. These are the same people who are still flogging Nader over that "Gonadal Politics" flub that's got roughly the same amount of dust on it.

This little discrepancy led me write a little rant a few years back called "Maverick vs. Asshole." I'm sure you can guess the jist. Basically, a Rightie whose killed people, throws you a bone every five years, and has a big mouth = Maverick. A Leftie whose never killed anyone and has toiled for you for decades and has a big mouth = Asshole.

I thought about printing up a shirt in 10/04 that said "Write In The Asshole," but that pun was too much even for me. :p


I'm envisioning one of those SAT-type questions -- match each item in column 1 to the correct item in column 2. Column 1 has pictures of Nader and McCain. Column 2 has the words "asshole" and "maverick".

Okay, I know, I know. A little too... too... pointy-head? Maybe if McCain had blood dripping from the corners of his mouth...

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