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From the desk of: Kosissimo

By Owen Paine on Thursday February 9, 2006 09:00 PM

This is from the uber-Munchkin Da Kos his own self: :
"We need people for the commercial, people who look like the Democratic Party ....."
Pay close attention to this people's ark:
  • workers in hard hats,
  • moms with kids,
  • men and women in business suits,
  • hippies,
  • young and old,
  • all colors,
  • enviro types,
  • college professors,
  • young women,
  • someone in a wheelchair, etc.
Q: What do these people have in common? A: They're all deluded. But I digress.

It gets better. Consider this not exactly Eisensteinian " concept " --

" there will be a donkey laying on the ground. There will be a long line of people tugging at the donkey with a rope, trying to get it to move. The donkey won't budge. Some dude (they're threatening to make me do it) will walk down the line up to the donkey, give the animal a look, and then give it a swift kick in the ass to get it moving"
Here's the dessert:
(... no, the donkey won't really be kicked.)
No. I don't suppose it will.

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Suddenly, Bresson's Au Hazard Balthazar has taken on a new dimension for me...

michael sola:

I happen to own a real donkey. Mine has a tendency, not to refuse to get up and walk, but to follow you around, at a slight distance.

Take it for what it's worth.


So Kos doesn't believe in diversity on his own blog. Witness his treatment of feminists, for instance, and his snide remarks about how it wasn't his job to make minorities comfortable in the Democratic Party. But when its ad-time, suddenly he's "We Are The World." Or his own take on how that world should look.

What do Dems see in this guy ? I don't get it. He's so thin-skinned, he barred a Pandagon commentator from his blog for daring to criticize parts of his book. Not even the whole book, just parts of it. Gevalt.

What do the Dems see in him? Let's see—doesn't have a commitment to diversity and is more than willing to alienate existing members of the base, hits up people for $$$ as if it's their duty to give to the Dems despite no support for the policies people want, tries to put an older liberal face to current business centrism...why, he's just like them!

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