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Old Russ and Feathers

By Owen Paine on Thursday February 9, 2006 12:18 PM

Poor Senator Feingold. He's probably the best of the Democratic bunch, but his mind, too, appears to have been poisoned by the Party's master strategists.


"The President suggests that anyone who criticizes his illegal wiretapping program doesn't understand the threat we face. But we do. Every single one of us is committed to stopping the terrorists who threaten us and our families...."
Now this is the purest pandering. As realistic threats to the bulk of Americans go, terror threats rank well below, say, the bird flu and the inevitable LA 'big one.' I mean way down there, below flesh-eating bacteria and maybe even mad cow disease.
"Defeating the terrorists should be our top national priority..."
You hear this bullshit so often that you may be in danger of forgetting it's bullshit. "Top national priority?" Says who? And why? What total nonsense. What grotesque demagogy.

And the donkeys wonder why they need the security cred they can't get. Well, maybe it's because they pander the same nonsense. The same premises are going to lead to the same conclusion.

"And we all agree... we need to wiretap... to do it... In fact, it would be irresponsible not to wiretap..."
He goes on to stuff about trampling our rights -- but hey, the game's already lost.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

It's just sad and contemptible. He's dithering and attempting to find that ever elusive "middle ground" while the Bushists are screeching about how dead we all are if they're not allowed to protect us. He'd dither as he was dragged away by goons dispatched on orders from White House. Then he'd manage a sickly smile for the cameras in a last effort to find that middle ground.

Still, at least he didn't start crying.


(Yawn.) Sometimes I think that the worst thing the Lefty press can do for a liberal politician is tell him that he could be President. The birth of that notion seems to invariably signal the death of whatever soul that politician once possessed.

Sorry, Russ. I'm never coming home. They say 90% of all accidents occur there, don't they ?

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