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Score one for Harvard

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday February 22, 2006 01:58 PM

I've been taking great pleasure in the Lawrence Summers story. The porcine Clintonite dumper of toxic waste and immiserator of working people worldwide -- a guy who terrorized Washington and much of the world when he was working for Bill Clinton -- has met his match in the Arts and Sciences faculty at Harvard, who have squeezed him out of the President's chair there. It's enough to make one think more kindly of Harvard.

As if this weren't joy sufficient, who should come creaking, like a WWI tank, out of the wings to defend Summers but --

Yes! Alan Dershowitz! Thus Alan, as quoted at the Huffington Post:

The idea that a president should be fired because he believes in patriotism should shock every American.... Now listen to what Summers actually said about Israel and the Palestinians:
"But where anti-Semitism and views that are profoundly anti-Israeli have traditionally been the primary preserve of poorly educated right-wing populists, profoundly anti-Israel views are increasingly finding support in progressive intellectual communities."

"Serious and thoughtful people are advocating and taking actions that are anti-Semitic in their effect if not their intent."

Poor Summers. I almost feel sorry for him. When you've got Alan Dershowitz in your corner, things have come to a pretty pass indeed.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

Professor Torture Warrants is the poster boy for the saying, "with friends like this, who needs enemies?"


I would really love to live long enough to see "anti-Zionism" and "anti-Semitism" not used interchangeably. Not to mention "Zionist" and "Jew."

I'm not waiting up, though. >:

Yet another great picture choice for Summers.

I don't feel even remotely sorry for him-especially after his bigoted comments about women in the sciences.

I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop and for the DLC to hire him on as an outreach consultant to women and minorities-or some other similar position.

By the way, as far as Professor Torture defending Summers is concerned, I guess evil really does know it's own.


here's the nugget in the immiseration link

larry on
our wider globality
circa seattle '99

"When history books are written 200 years from now about the last two decades of the 20th century, I am convinced that the end of the cold war will be the second story. The first story will be about the appearance of emerging markets-- about the fact that developing countries where more than three billion people live have moved toward the market and seen rapid growth in incomes."

as the author points out
"rapid growth "
looking around
most emerging places
was a bit of a ...stretcher

Tim D:

Delightful article about Summers in The Nation. Did anyone see Dershowitz square off against Chomsky at Harvard? Seeing these people publicly humiliated just warms my heart.

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