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Dershowitz to the rescue

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday March 8, 2006 04:36 PM

Whatever would we do without self-described "Ted Kennedy liberal" Alan Dershowitz?

According to Ha'Aretz, here's the Dersh's latest stunt:

The American attorney Alan Dershowitz has volunteered to defend any Israeli officer who faces legal proceedings abroad, on condition that his actions were in keeping with Israeli government policy.

It is "a shame that officers have to hide like criminals and are afraid to visit democratic countries, only because they carried out the policies of their elected government," Dershowitz told Haaretz in a phone call from Brussels.

Dershowitz was refering to the recent threat by leftist organizations in the United Kingdom to seek the prosecution for war crimes of Gaza Brigade commander Brigadier General Aviv Kokhavi, a threat which led him to cancel his planned studies there....

Dershowitz said that he believed that lack of immunity for Israel Defense Forces officers from criminal proceedings is an "intolerable situation from the point of view of the international community."

That last bit is pretty breathtaking, isn't it? A rather sweeping claim to special treatment, it would appear. Israeli officers ought to be immune from prosecution -- and the fact that they're not is "intolerable," not just from the Israeli point of view, which would make a kind of sense, but from the "international community's"!

I think Dershowitz is just the guy for the job, though. He defended OJ Simpson and Claus von Bulow, after all. -- Oh, and Larry Summers, recently and delightfully booted from the Presidential chair at Harvard.

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Tim D:

I bet Dersh is dying for a chance to defend defend Capt. R in courtrooms around the world...

Speaking of Israel, there was a lovely Guardian UK article the other day that pointed out the insufferable hypocrisy of the West and Israel on the Hamas issue. An excerpt:

"Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister who has been in a coma for two months, called the Oslo accords 'null and void'. His administration attached 14 "reservations" to the roadmap and later declared the process 'frozen' on the grounds that there was no partner for peace despite Palestinian pleas for negotiation. Israel used inaction on the roadmap to justify unilateral moves, including settlement expansion as part of its plan to annex large parts of the West Bank. The Quartet said that neither side should take action that prejudges final status talks, but has not threatened sanctions against Israel.

The Quartet wants each Palestinian cabinet minister to personally commit to recognition of Israel when some members of Mr Sharon's coalition governments campaigned against the creation of a Palestinian state and even advocated the ethnic cleansing of Arabs. The charter of Likud, the main ruling party until last autumn, effectively denies a Palestinian state by calling for 'persistence in settling and developing all parts of the Land of Israel' -which includes the occupied territories -'and annexing them'."

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