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Plus ca change...

By Owen Paine on Monday March 20, 2006 12:55 PM

More on the Warner boom, from the Globe article mentioned in the previous post:

As a governor -- better still, an ex-governor -- unlike the senatorial horde, Warner has what will read at a distance to be "clean policy hands " -- like Dean in 04, Clinton in 02, the Duke in 88, or Jimmy in 76. He hardly has a record the electorate will give a shit about anyway.

For a governor running for prez is a real come to life American dream -- a chance to effectively reinvent yourself, without the danger than anybody will actually remember who and what you are. Thus we see Warner, a certified dead center swing vote receptacle, is now, according to the Globe, "asking for support from the Web-based liberal voters that Dean first inspired, and has hired MyDD's Armstrong to build his Internet operation."

This is not the moonwalking Armstrong -- this Armstrong is the one who "co-wrote a book with [Markos] Zuniga [of Daily Kos fame] that assails the Democratic Party establishment."

Hearken to the fire-breathing sansculotterie of this establishment-assailer: Asked why Warner "does so well with the netroots," Armstrong sagely replied: ''Because he wins."

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''Because he wins."

get used to that line
its a sure bet
losers line
if one exists

its repeateddaily
(even here)
to dream slake
our dusty defeated progs throat

with its
mirage of great promise

hey i'll admit
winner raps
can be quite effective
attention getters

take it from a 35 year droughted
red sox fan
i know the latest player move for a ..."winner"
always turned my head

but hey pokes

politics ain't
a spectator sport
or at least not by main intent looked at from the bottom up

necessary loses become
part of the soil
of victory

it took four cycles
of bryanian

to produce the 1912 triumph and its subsequent bill of reform

(again per the moses
arch-type the peerless one himself
was denigned the full fruits of course
they fell to ..another )

and heck
even that required
a vicious split among the elephants

so f the winner gig

go for principles
we're cycles away
from anything real
so brace
for the long slog


J. Alva Scruggs:

Principles are pragmatic, especially when you've got little else.

The role the shiny new think tanks are to play is intellectual valium for the more suggestible lefties, progressives and liberals should a donkey manage to capture the big office. Things getting worse less quickly, with a spokesman for the process able to convey this without smirking and twitching, has powerful appeal to them. Except for the ones with powerful convictions.

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