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Livin' la Migra loca

By Owen Paine on Tuesday April 25, 2006 09:50 PM

The Boston Globe reports on the Bush bash of the House Republicans' pet wet dream: a Migra concentration-camp solution. It's kind of funny, because each of Orthrus' heads has two hands, for a total of four on-the-other-hands:
Business interests and their Republican allies... generally support leniency for undocumented immigrants, who provide an abundant supply of cheap labor.
But on the other elephantine hand:
The GOP's populists and law-and-order factions, however, oppose any plan that allows more immigrants to stay in the country, deriding any such plan as amnesty for law-breakers.
Now for the donkey head's hands:
Among Democrats, some liberals and civil rights groups have tended to support the immigrants....
(Not to mention Latino America) -- but on the other-- oh, you know:
but some in organized labor -- a traditional Democratic ally -- contend that adding a guest worker program to the national labor pool would help drive down wages for working-class Americans.
So hey, maybe we have an issue here that can blow both these animals sky-high.

Then again, maybe I understate the Republican options -- watch for this Red Sea splitter from Bush -- "Boys, let's detain the sorry few, not deport the toiling many." Set up the camps and treat a few nasty brown fall guys very bestially -- Circus Maximus for the paleface viewership of Fox News -- but keep the inflow coming, so the meat plants hum like Virgil's hives.

Hey, it works for cocaine, doesn't it?

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