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Brits discover Cold War liberalism

By Owen Paine on Sunday May 28, 2006 09:08 PM

Call it open-source nation-building -- that's what some brightly lit social-Zionist bulbs prescribe for the crime of statifying while being third-world backward.

I'm sure you've read about this "Euston manifesto". I'll say nothing of it here, except to notice that screen-door emerging-nation borders aren't enough. Beyond transparency and an open door, the Eustonians want an open sky from which they can drop at any moment like X-men to aid clumps of innocent humanity in trouble. Which spells warning, warning, warning, Will Robinson, to all these little cruel dark-age state fanciers. 'Cause if we freedom-thru-progress superheroes get the rights violation alert, we're comin' in, and you need to practice how to submit to humane acts of brusque social surgery.

You must learn to expect interventions -- remain prepared to be worked upon, spruced juiced and traduced in the most intimate parts of your cultural software -- and all this jiggering may come at a moments' notice, by us wise metropolitain pre-emptors, us minders of everywhere else's humane welfare.

There's a choice, of course. You can either let us do it "nice", or if not, you can watch and feel how we do it -- as ole Tina used to say -- "rough."

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Un-frickin'-believable! Is this supposed to be a serious document? It looks like something AIPAC would dash off and then ashcan for being too obvious.


as my favorite part...
lay off
the anti americanism

its about time some one had the decency to scream
no mas
leave the poor gringos alone

leave the poor gringos alone

Posted by: jsp | May 29, 2006 03:39 PM


Great, now I need a new keyboard! :-)

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