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Hands off X

By Owen Paine on Sunday May 28, 2006 09:23 PM

Topic for Sunday pedantry -- why isolationism and anti-interventionism are not the same.

Okay, you could call isolationism, splendid or otherwise, a form of non-intervention -- and at its most basic, I suppose, you could call willful ignorance of the three-monkey kind a formula for isolationism.

But folks, that's just the problem. In a globe where our trans-nat corporations are already pushing their snouts into everywhere else, possible and impossible, isolationism as a national security posture is a formula for nasty surprises.

Pearl Harbor and the trade towers were both blowbacks -- no, passive national isolationism is no answer. Anti-interventionism means getting so called "American interests" the hell out of other folks' lunch pail and rain dance. And it for goddam sure it will require active -- very active -- political action. If we were to operate a proper anti-intervention regime here in the States, there would be not a single decently-connected mind in doubt, anywhere in the world, that if one of our trans-nat corporations pigs it up somewhere, the bastards are on their own. The marines ain't ever coming to clean up or clean out the mess they've made.

Furthermore, not just profiteers beware -- even (and maybe especially) cross-border NGO/NPO goo-goo outfits would be operating at their own risk also. Uncle has absolutely no call to back up these gratuitous uplift inflicters.

All anti-interventionism is by definition anti-unilateralism -- let the UN handle it, period!

Yes, pay our share of the costs -- more than our share, even. But let the UN be the bearer of the gifts of civilization -- such as they are and hereafter may become.

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Tim D:

JSP - I totally agree. It's an important distinction to make and it's not hard to figure out while the fat cats in Washington and their corporate paymasters on Wall Street deliberately slander anti-interventionism with the term isolationism. Politically speaking, however, the American military empite is a hot potato. People of all political stripes in the U.S. invariably seem to balk at the proposition of closing all our overseas bases and reducing our imperial forces to local national guard units.

js paine:

right you are tim d
but all troops home
all forces national in nature
is the sine qua non
and as to the navy moth balls baby
and the air force

--prepare for
not just a wing clip
but a bomb rack castration

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