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Doing well by doing... less evil

By Owen Paine on Tuesday May 16, 2006 11:13 AM

It's clear enough why pros inside the Democratic party want to win -- they personally do much much well-er when they win. A party of electoral success, it's called in poli sci. They're all, as Brother Smiff calls 'em, soup hounds.

But why should anybody else want a donkey win?

So the Republicans lose -- to punish Bush/Cheney -- toss the bums out.

I used to like that idea. After all, it's about as close as you get to ye olde chopping block, round these parts; and over a few in-and-out cycles, at least both party elites come to respect the fury of the electorate.

We done just that in my youth -- we forced out LBJ and Nixon through extra-electoral means -- and then the ballot box took over and whacked Ford and Carter.

A nice run, eh? But where'd it end -- with sir Ronnie of the runny red dye, Ronnie the master of unstately greed manor.

Now chop chop chop, its nothing rare -- the Poles seem to have been into a one-try-and-you're out bit, ever since the Stalinoid curtain fell. But this one-trick pony will never be enough by itself, as the Reagan counter-reformation proved so well. If the whole damn deal is drifting right, tossing one party out for the other just makes the swing of the tick-tock tighter. If you set a course to hell, and along the way move into ever tighter zig-zags -- by my plane geometry, that only gets you to the fiery furnace all the faster.

If we want to break out of this ever-narrowing corridor to Hades, we need a bust-out strategy, and a party that wants to win every race every time can't bust out of its own barf bag, let alone chart a 180-degree course back home.

Want a sea change? Want a major shift in the power balance between contending social groups? Well, that'll take a catastrophic event, nothing less. My best guess, if you give the party of Reagan rollback and reaction enough rope -- yes, 4, 8, 12 more years of Dick Cheney (nothing in the constitution says we can't have the same veepire till he croaks ) -- give him enough running room, and boom! we'll have a blowout that'll make Hooverville look like Scarsdale.

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Oh ye of little faith! I have every confidence that the donks can crash this plane just as quickly as the elephants - and maybe even faster! Just imagine the dammage Hillary and her merry band of DLC dunderjutzes could do if they were plopped into the middle of an already neocon wrecked nation.

I don't know if we'll even still have a nation to concern ourselves with after 12 more years of this duopolistic horseshit. With environmental disasters like Katrina becoming more and more common, I think what we have to look forward to is widespread anarchy and balkanization-- with various local incarnations of Blackpool and Haliburton fighting each other for the spoils. After all, most of the regular army will all be overseas killing yet more brown people, hither and yon.

I have never found the prospect of anarchy all that glamorous, but perhaps I'm just old-fashioned. :/

js paine:

i noticed my metaphysical conceit got away from itself and fell
into its own ass hole

---i'm a great
jack donne man

so here's a refiguration---

the tighter the tick
the bigger the tock
so the faster
the sideways slide
of the clock
till over the tables edge we go .....

donne ....js ???

try sub ogden nash

but here's my point
we're goin there anyway
madame and mack

so lets just
let em tock themselves
to death
while we figure
what best to build
out of tomorrow's
broken pieces

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