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Vive la Dixie noire

By Owen Paine on Tuesday May 16, 2006 05:44 PM

How about this for a challenge to donkery's fearless insiders: an independent Black electoral party in Dixie -- like the French party in Quebec, a regional ethnic party.

It's a phantasm, of course -- but poetic justice would be served, because of all the Democratic party's supposed constitutencies, the black south has been more thoroughly abandoned than any other by the national party elite, not only as personified by el Rahmbo, but by its own DLC New South patrons as well.

Rahm's recent bitch-slap of Dean for spreading Internet donor dough too thin has this deeper message: "Screw the blacks -- where can they go anyway?" And so a Dixie statewide rebuild is out of the question.

If you're Black and live in the South, Rahm's message for you is -- better move to a swing state where you can help us win prez votes, like Ohio and Florida. Otherwise we got no further use for you, outside your handful of slam-dunk gerrymandered Southern congressional districts.

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I live in hope of voting for the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party - the original Black Panthers. A geographic/ethnic-based third party which started with a bang and lasted a decade or so. Sigh.

js paine:

benign neglect after akk
was a phrase of pat M

the party of benign neglect was very soon the party of the long ears

because the republicans
the party of benign neglect for 100 years had switched
and was now the party
of malign regret

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