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By Owen Paine on Tuesday May 2, 2006 07:53 PM

Do you think 3 dollar a gallon gas is stiff? Try the Brit setup -- up to 7 dollars a gallon. Or, to be precise, the latest recorded nationwide average price per gallon : $6.48.

But here's why I post this -- $4.27 goes as taxes. By contrast, here stateside, average taxes are about 46 cents per gallon.

Yes, $4.27 vs $0.46.

Ahhh. It's good to be the hegemon. Until you have to stop.

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Tim D:

Yes, yes, everyone knows that we Amurikans pay waaaay less for gas than our "First World" cousins over in Europe. However, rising gas prices in the U.S. is hardly something to celebrate. We all know who it hits the hardest: the working class. The SUV sporting upper class is annoyed by high gas prices of course, but it hardly makes or breaks 'em.

If high gas prices encouraged people to call for more public transportation, that would be great, but unfortunately, Americans are so addicted to cars (which Ralph Nader once appropriately described as private mobile prisons), that they only ever clamor for more subsidies or at the most greater fuel efficiency standards.

However, one must ask the question: what does gasoline really cost us? The Progress Report seems to answer this question rather astutely here.

js paine:

tim d :

i personally would like to see a five dollar a gallon
tax slammed
on every pump stand
throughout high octane america

and put the proceeds into the ssi trust funds

as to the poor
commuter wagery stiffs
quite logically
i'd cut their ssi (jobster side )pay roll taxes
total revenue dollars
for total revenue dollars

with a bottom up taper too

till next time
this is js van wonk
over and out

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