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Homousion, homoioousion, homunculi

By Owen Paine on Sunday May 28, 2006 09:49 PM

The LA Times has a nice roundup about the "new liberal hawks" circling over the donkey train as it lumbers back to power. It's written by one Jacob Heilbrunn a chap who set himself up years ago as an expert watcher of "neo-cons" as they migrated between the donks and elephants -- second-generation cold war donkey liberals, then first-generation cold war elephant neo-cons.

Well, the latest migration of recently fledged interventionist zealots seems to be back toward the big-D Democrats, a return to home perch, so to speak.

Seems like the very palest of whiffs of the glory days when "give em hell" Harry and Dean Acheson led a vital center charging right over the 38th parallel, into two blood baths and 35 years' worth of military potlatch.

PS -- here's our man Heilhoffer as prophet, vintage 1996:
As the Gingrich forces remake the Republican Party, neoconservatism itself will most likely end up as a footnote in future histories of the Cold War, a relic of old battles as obscure as the struggles over the true nature of the Trinity in the waning days of the Roman empire.

Clinton could do worse than work to create a new vital center that steers a course between the Charybdis of left-wing isolationism and the Scylla of right-wing jingoism.

I'll leave it to Father Smith to wax indignant over this high-handed dismissal of the Council of Chalcedon.

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