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It's a horserace, folks -- Part LXXIV

By Owen Paine on Thursday May 11, 2006 04:25 PM

Bout of the week: Dean-Emanuel III.

The Washpost has our boys Howie and Rahm at it again. Gist:

  • Rahm: "This fuck is blowing our resources chasing gun-rackers and mountain goats."
  • Howie: "Sure I am ... that's where the red votes are."
Sounds like an '08 guy versus an '06 guy -- anybody want to guess which side the Hill is on?

Howie, thank God we have ya -- to piss away this personal empire of favor-owing elected clients Rahmses the First is trying to build.

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That certainly explains what Howard the Donk was doing on Wacky Pat's 700 Club.

With Rahmses I pursuing his own 50 state strategery via the SockPuppet Army and Howard schmoozing for fundie republican votes, one would think they'd be getting along better. I guess the nub of it is that Howard thinks he's found an endless ATM machine in the Internet and Rahmses disagrees.

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