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Squalls ahead

By Owen Paine on Thursday May 11, 2006 04:48 PM

This may have a Kos-a Nostra feel to it but....

Are the donk cadre ready for Karl's summer blitz?

Well no, blitz isn't the word -- more like Frontier Fremont-type trap-settin' -- popular mental hollows easily filled with sand and tar, like human-animal marriage, 4th trimester abortion, the death penalty for truancy. You know, the basic body punches to the belly of real red-state base-warmers. Freedom, blood, and flag stuff -- what the DLC calls cultural populism.

Watch the Rover boys lure 'em into landing a good hard right hook on all the the usual cult-lib donk tarbabies -- challenges to progressive right-minded values that no self-respecting jackass can resist.

Dropping my Kos mask -- I can't wait for the fun, though the shock and awe crowd are looking mighty ragged lately.

Could it be a rope-a-dope?

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J. Alva Scruggs:

Karl's human/animal marriage ban will be a gift from heaven for the Dem elite. No sane person would expect them to treat it seriously, but they will -- with painful, laborious, borderline irrational explanations that will thoroughly demoralize their supporters.

"No! Dude! Dude, please. You can't possibly think there's a way to triangulate this for advantage! Can you . . . ? Nooooooo!! Aaarrrgghh!"

By the time elections come around, the supporters will be all fretful, snippy and ready for their dose of exhausted resignation.

But for now, the Kosniki are explaining that they're not leftists, in order to get rid of that jacket once and for all (again, yet again). So they'll hug those tarbabies good and hard and when they're sold down the river, they'll look for scapegoats (again). Maybe they'll pick this guy

The Dems don’t seem serious about changing anything, they just want more space at the trough.

For example, I think it's wrong to accuse Hillary Clinton of hypocrisy because of her kind words for President Bush or her new friendship with Rupert Murdoch. She comes to politics from Walmart, and her political stands seem corporate-based. Bill Clinton too, seems to be oddly close to George H. Bush, and I understand he has been invited to be the chief speaker at a major upcoming event for Fox Broadcasting Inc.

To me it looks to be a sellout. There has been no opposition to the horrors of a delusional administration out-of-control, and the Democratic Party seems to have no more stomach for battle than did Kerry.

All I’m saying, having seen what we’ve seen over the last 5 years, we can’t afford to pin our hopes on the Dems. We can’t really hold their feet to the fire, because they know no matter what they do, we’re not going to vote Republican.

I'd go talk to him, but I've never made any headway on that blog. They make noise over there, but come November it's back to the Squirrel Party.

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