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Vive la Republique

By Owen Paine on Wednesday May 10, 2006 01:21 PM

A ways back, I preemptively scoffed at the might-be if there really were an impeach-Bush congressional donkey stampede. Well, here's the bright side of that paper moon -- a demand to restore our constitution to its proper set of orbits. I.e. blast this unitary prez shit back to the 17th century where it belongs. Congress needs to restore the balance by asserting its powers under the Constitution. Our little would-be Louis XIV here needs his sun eclipsed -- and if Hillary makes it back to the White House in '08, she should be impeached as soon as she's taken the oath of office. In fact every President should be impeached immediately, until we've cut that overinflated, Neronian office back to size.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

JSP, I completely agree. There are few people less necessary to the function, proper or improper, of the government than the preznit. Graft and services would still be delivered, even as the talking heads and op ed pundits wailed about a crisis of confidence.

js paine:

i have a tendency to see the us as a second rome

i suspect most of us do

but hey that story really turned out bad

so i'm into the absolutists now

louis le grande and his ilk
cause as ever
its a hollywood ending for me
recall for the millionth time
my fellow citizens
those suckers ended
charles 1 of gb
louis 16 of frogland

alex the what ever of rus

etc etc
ended the absolutist story on a high note

with their heads
in a basket

I've lost track of how many people have complemented me on my "Impeach Bush" button, which I purchased from the Socialists when N*d*r came to speak in Seattle early last year. I always tell people that I only bought it because there were no "Impeach Everybody" buttons available.

The real question we need to ask ourselves is why, 32 years after Nixon was forced to resign and a wave of resistance to "the imperial presidency" seemed to have put the brakes on presidential power, we are now right back where we were before Watergate. The War Powers Act, which was designed to prevent Presidents from dragging us to war unilaterally, has been ignored by every President. We now have a President every bit as imperial as Nixon was. What happened? Why was nothing really gained from the experience of Watergate?

I would argue that we need serious, structual, revolutionary changes in our system of government, not to mention our system of electing our governments. The current system just isn't working. Presidential abuses aren't being stopped. The Democrats aren't going to press for serious electoral or constitutional reform, so the pressure for this isn't going to come from them.


If you have a president of an empire, you'll have an Imperial Presidency. If Nixon was Sulla - who did step down - then 30 years later, what do we get? The triumvirate of Bush, Clinton and...?


Why was nothing really gained from the experience of Watergate?

Because neither team really wants to abolish imperial power. They just want their own guy at the top. Each thinks that his own despot would bring benevolence to the role that the other side lacks.

Witness how Dean got cast as "anti-war," when all he was was "pro-protocol." His schtick was that he wouldn't have gone to Iraq without charming the UN into approving the trip first. Democrats want to be the charming invaders, so they worship a guy like Dean, who'll say all the "right" things, while he pulls the same old imperial shit that Bush does-- but Bush doesn't trouble himself to be "nice" about it.

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