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Always look on the bright side of life

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday June 27, 2006 07:34 PM

The glass isn't almost empty -- it's one-tenth full. That seems to be the cheery-beery outlook of whoever writes The Nation's editorials:

When House Republican leaders responded to bipartisan calls for an honest debate on the Iraq occupation with a resolution endorsing the Administration's failed strategies and rejecting a timeline for withdrawal from a war that had that very day cost the 2,500th American life, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi countered with something Rove wasn't expecting: outspoken opposition.
Indeed. If Rove wasn't expecting "outspoken opposition" from Pelosi, well, Pelosi has given him every reason not to, hasn't she?

It gets better:

[Pelosi] led a huge majority of Democrats in voting against the resolution. Even members like minority whip Steny Hoyer and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair Rahm Emanuel, who have sided with the White House in the past, voted no.
Now this was a Republican resolution, giving a completely blank check to the President; a purely symbolic resolution, whose sole purpose was public relations. And yet the Nation is giddy with pleasure that a "majority" of Democrats were actually brave enough to... vote against it!

Steny has come over! And Rahm! Ah, there is more rejoicing in Heaven over the one sheep that was lost and is found, than over the ninety and nine who were never lost.

Well, guess what. These particular black sheep are still not found, and never will be found. They didn't vote for a deadline -- they voted against being against a deadline.

Doesn't that doesn't just about sum up the modern Democrat's profile-in-courage? They're not quite brave enough to be for anything, but they're against people who are against it.

And the Nation sleeps tonight with a big triumphant smile on its collective happy-face.

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As a cog in the Not-So-Mighty Wurlitzer that is the democrat echo chamber, The Nation is obliged to magnify their master's empty gesture until the picture blurs enough to make it mistakable for integrity.

But gee. Maybe in another 25 years, if we all just vote for democrats, they'll be encouraged enough to offer a tenative timeline for withdrawl. Maybe. In 30 years. Depending on the breaks.


Is it just me or has anybody else also noticed that the Nation seems to have taken a turn for the worse in the last few months. Anyone know what's going on? Katrina vanden Heuvel hanging out with the wrong crowd in Manhattan?


They always take a turn for the worse when there's an election coming up. Something activates their Democratic enzymes and -- pssst! -- instant idiocy.

Patrick Meighan:

"They always take a turn for the worse when there's an election coming up. Something activates their Democratic enzymes and -- pssst! -- instant idiocy."

The same thing happens to the L.A. Weekly (in general) and Harold Meyerson (in particular). No one can go faster from criticizing a Democratic officeholder to licking said Democratic officeholder's ass (and putting his boot on the neck of said Dem's progressive challenger) than ol' Harold Meyerson.

js paine:

it occurs to me
we're on a fools mission here

no prog ED board
really believes in lesser evilism
they're all just
donk cut outs

my stalinoid heros evolved
a multi party strategy
to "win" power

i recall the great McGinty
where boss akim tamiroff

" what ???
hahhhbout reform party ???
i EMM dah reform party
and you McGinty
total unknown
you will be my
white hhhhorse
caan- dee - date

you gonna saaaf
our great and fine state
from greep of
filthy thieving bosses "

Everyone remembers Aaron McGruder's jaunt amongst the Nation stalwarts, don't they ?

"...He told the guests that he’d called Condoleezza Rice, the national-security adviser, a mass murderer to her face; what had they ever done? (The Rice exchange occurred in 2002, at the N.A.A.C.P. Image Awards, where McGruder was given the Chairman’s Award; Rice requested that he write her into his strip.) He recounted a lunch meeting with Fidel Castro. (He had been invited to Cuba by the California congresswoman Barbara Lee, who is one of the few politicians McGruder has praised in 'The Boondocks.') He said that noble failure was not acceptable. But the last straw came when he 'dropped the N-word,' as one amused observer recalled. He said—bragged, even—that he’d voted for Nader in 2000. At that point, according to Hamilton Fish, the host of the party, 'it got interactive...'"
-- Ben MrGrath at the *New Yorker*

"The Radical" - 4/12/04"

Anyone who gives Eric Alterman a conniption fit on purpose is all right in my book...

paul kibble:

I've subscribed to The Nation for years, but its near-pathological willingness to give the Dems "just one more chance" come election time wears me out. It's a godawful spectacle, like watching a victim of repeated spousal abuse take back the offending mate yet again because said mate has promised that this time things are going to be different, this time(s)he's really changed, etc.

How long will The Nation fall for this con? Clearly forever, unless its friends make some kind of intervention. Please, Nation, get some therapy to help you with your self-esteem issues and end this awful co-dependency now. You may find there really is life after the Dems.


With the prog rockers the way they are, isn't it likely that as soon as the Nation stopped endorsing Dems, they'd lose half their subscriptions?

Maybe it would be a character-building experience for them, Rowan. You know, similar to when all those dipshits tried to retaliate against Nader by cutting off Public Citizen. [rolleyes] Or maybe it would just be some long-overdue instant karma. :/

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