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Democratic centralism, with a capital D

By Owen Paine on Thursday June 15, 2006 11:33 AM

Clearly, the folks at the New York Times don't get the Kos gig.

Mini-pundit Adam Cohen seems to fear a plebroots riot of unsynchronized digital brawling and other Jacksonian hoi-polloi misbehavior:

More input from the "net roots" -- the Internet version of grass roots -- may help the Democratic leadership avoid some bad decisions. But it may also make Democratic politics even more scattershot compared with the well-oiled Republican machine.
Little does he know his Kosikoffskis, eh? To expropriate a formulation from another political world -- democratic in form, central in essence.

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Feh! The dem leadership doesn't have to do squat to keep the Kosnikis in the fold. Their votes are already counted.

And Mr Cohen, iirc, gave a properly in line review of The Bible... er, the book.

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