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Not so pretty in pink

By Owen Paine on Thursday June 15, 2006 11:43 AM

My guess -- St. Hill's little scrape with party base reality, at least as reported at the 'Punch -- will lead to a Clintonic rethink.

When opportunity calls, after about one and a half rings, opportunism always picks up. "The party's prez nom may be slipping away, milady ..."

Let's sit back and watch the show as the battle-ready she-tiger turns herself, with a show of Luther-like angst, into a rainbow butterfly, ready to flutter to that high clovery place where lambs and lions bunk together.

Of course it may be a slow move, inch by inch, guided by the blink of those ever more comforting landing lights, the in-state New York polling numbers.

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Tim D:

JSP - She may very well have to begin retooling her position on the war soon if she wants to prevent her sheep from straying from the flock. According to one of Howie Hawkins' press releases:

A Zogby poll earlier this week found that 32% of New Yorkers would vote for an "unnamed anti-war candidate" vs. 38% for Clinton and 31% for other and undecided (a percentage that is close to the hard core Republican vote).

The task now for the Green Party and the wider antiwar movement is to attach a name, Howie Hawkins, to the "unnamed anti-war candidate" who already has about one-third support and to inform New Yorkers that the anti-war candidate is within striking distance of winning.

Here's to hoping!

Good luck! I suspect the best you can hope for from St. Hill is a Gore-like ambiguous statement on the war. And even then, would you believe her?

Tim D:

Well AlanSmithee, I think you're right that even if she did try to make some vague statement betraying some semblence of an anti-war stance, it would certainly not have any credibility - especially now that she has made it abundantly clear that she not only wants us in Iraq for the long haul, but has malevolent designs for Iran as well.

However, I sincerely doubt that she will bother. She's confident that in the end, people will vote for her, because, well she's Hillary Clinton!

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