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Fan mail -- 14 June 2006

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday June 14, 2006 11:31 AM

We got a comment yesterday on one of JSP's posts:
"These demoblog communities with their ever-more-fondly held notion that winning is everything."

Yes, as opposed to pathetic fossils like you, to whom LOSING is everything - and always will be.

If I'm Elmo, then I guess that makes you Oscar the fucking grouch. Asshole.

Posted by: billmon | June 13, 2006 09:05 AM

Now JSP is a profoundly suspicious individual. His formative years were spent in a Left sect that was obsessed with finding police agents in its midst, and the experience marked him for life. He assumed that this commenter was somebody impersonating "billmon". So he wrote the real "billmon" a polite note:

    From: "J S Paine" <jsp@smithbowen.net> 
    Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 11:17 AM
    To: billmon@billmon.org
    Subject: stop me comment

    at our site stop me before i vote again
    we got a comment that purports to be from u 
    in part it reads...

    "If I'm Elmo, then I guess that makes you 
    Oscar the fucking grouch.


    doubtless this is from a counterfeit billmon
    the real one would hardly have the time or inclination
    to express
    such a sentiment even if he felt it

    does this happen often??

Imagine JSP's surprise and dismay at receiving this response:

    From: "billmon" <billmon@billmon.org>
    Reply-To: <billmon@verizon.net>
    To: " J S Paine" <jsp@smithbowen.net>
    Subject: RE: stop me comment
    Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 18:43:13 -0400

    Guess again, shit for brains.


Tetchy folk, these progs. And with all respect to JSP, I've got dibs on Oscar the Grouch.

Comments (20)

Excellent. That means you've arrived.

FWIW, Billmon is actually a pretty good writer and I enjoy his blog when he gets around to updating it, much better than Democratic party loyalists like Steve Gilliard, Kos, Atrios, and the rest of that crowd.

I think what we (on for what we on for lack of a better term I'll call the "far left") need to gain the same kind of sophisicated net presense these liberal Democrats do.

Why? Atrios, Kos and the rest were good blogs when debate in the Democratic party was a bit more open (in 2003/2004) but they've pretty much degenerated now that Harry Reid has guided the democrats down the eminently stupid path of "do nothing while the Republicans self-destruct".

I gave up Atrios when he ignored the anti-war demos last year on September 24th. I gave up on Steve Gilliard after Kerry lost and he tried to shift the discussion to people whining about moving to Canada. I still read and contribute to the Daily Kos.

But all of this technical expertise and fund raising ability is wasted on people who are just going to support Hillary anyway.

Pretty typical for a faux-liberal democrat. Billmon can dish it, but he can't take it.

I'll be Prairie Dawn. What with my '70's-child status and longtime position here as almost-token female, it's only right.

I call dibs on The Count!

ONE! ah...ah...ah...

TWO! ah...ah...ah...


Winning is everything. Go beinart and warner. Go DLC and PPI. I think I'm Harry Ass Truman, I'm a real warrior, not like those other pussys. Please let me work in the big house, massah. I can do it better.

Congratulatons on your new fame. You ought to apologize, he is pretty funny.

Really, when have the dems ever been "left"? They once were better at distribution but nothing more.

At this late stage of "predator capitalism" there is nothing left but to watch is crash and snark After the crash will come the police state and the snarking will be done.


"Billmon can dish it, but he can't take it."

Seems like I'm doing both, at least at the moment. If my language is too salty for your delicate sectarian sensibilities, just remember: truth is a defense.


P.S. People who compare other blogs to KKK Klaverns really aren't in a position to complain about "tetchiness."


One person's truth is another person's case of Tourette's Syndrome, I guess. :D

js paine:

u can't tell me that
toothless guff
comes from the golden finger tips
the real billmon

please please

say it ain't so bill my mon


then again

talk about the play
of sectarian
sense and nonsense

they just won't believe me
when i cry

"this is a faux billmon
ladies and gentlemen
of the die donk die cult "

the real billmon
must E me
and with his patented
isle of laputa wit
give me such a righteous pranging
i convert to gladstonianism on the spot


Billmon banned his entire fan club. They then started a new site, Moon Of Alabama to comment on his stuff.

Nice folks.

But Ol' Billie Boy took down their promanent link on his front page and banished them to his regular Blog Roll.

Real stand-up guy that billmon!


Wow, I guess I'll file this as another entry in my growing "why I can't stand democrats" file.

Its amazing to watch just how hostile to comment and debate they are.

And here's what really gets me. By and large, the left has the power to sink and destroy any democratic campaign. Ie, there's enough voters with views to the left of the democratic candidates on issues from "lets go to war" to the environment and probably a bunch more I could list ... there's enough of these voters that if they decide to abandon the democratic candidates and instead support their own candidate, then the Dems are just dead.

In fact really, in a lot of cases if people voted for who they really liked in a three-way race, the centrist dems would probably finish 3rd. But either way, the left can deliberately kill any democratic campaign by not voting for it. Their margins of victory over Republicans just aren't big enough to sustain the loss of support from the left.

Considering this, their position is just amazing to me. Instead of trying to form a real coalition between the dems and the left that could win and govern, instead they seem to hate and attack the left with much more evidence and virulence than I usually see directed towards the right.

In me at least, there's a growing feeling that wants to say I'll never vote Democrat again. And if that became widespread, the Dems would go the way of the Whigs as a political party.

Someday we gotta do it. We gotta cut lose from the Dems, because frankly they suck. There's a combined good benefit between building a party on the left that really would fight for ordinary americans, and also the benefit of flushing the Dems down the toilet of history.

Come on people. Don't be fooled by a Dem party that's as much built on fear (if you don't vote for us, the Republicans will win) as the Republicans are.

Besides, then we can laugh at Billmon as he swirls his way down the toilet bowl of political history with the rest of the worthless Dems.

Uh-oh! Looks like little billy is gettin' off on them negative waves, Moriarty. But then, attention whores will take any kind of attention.

Heh. I actually like a good foulmouthed rant as much as the next person. However, I am sad that Billmon didn't seem to notice my query to him, even after our hosts generously posted it on an independent thread.

No, I'm sure that Billmon's a nice guy. I'd probably even like Kos if I hadn't been privy to his bullshit anti-choice sexism elsewhere. That's the worst of it. They are nice people, and being nice (and solvent) enough to placate the Reids and Deans and so forth is what it's all about for these folks. This is what they think winning is. Sure, the top Dems manage to shaft them over and over again even when they do win-- despite the usual rancid mix of cowardice, malice, cluelessness and ineptitude. ("Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes," as J. Alva would probably say if he were here.) But who cares ? It's like a bizarro universe full of rabid sports fans who genuinely think they *are* the team;Who love the team owners more and more every time they fuck things up; Who excuse every nasty peccadillo the top player avoids legal trouble over; Who snap up and proudly display every useless, shoddy, ugly piece of merchandise with the team logo on it. Anything to avoid acknowledging that ticket prices are outrageous, the team sucks eggs, and while the stadium looks as imposing and glitzy as ever, the neighborhood around it is falling apart.

How can we ever communicate in any meaningful way when we don't even concur with the Billmons, et al as to what a "win" would look like ? It's hopeless. Might as well enjoy the potty-mouth theatrics. It's the best we're going to get, unless Alterman wants to show up here for a command performance. Then I'd have to throw my laptop out the window, which wouldn't even work because my house only has one floor, goddamnit.


Of course, part of the fun of Billmon is his temper...



LOL. what kind of person makes posts like that? what is a "fuckwit" ? why did he give it a blank line to separate it from the rest of his bilious little haiku?

i dunno billmon, but based on his message he sounds like a republican! haw haw

annie robbins:

i dunno billmon, but based on his message he sounds like a republican

in your dreams!

Tech Support @ My Space.Com:

Truth be known, Moriarty, we have a real problem like this here. Similar MO.

Our system has just crashed, due to the excessive narcissism of one subscriber.

"The Billmons"?
Billmon et al?
Guy may be a democrat but he is foremost a writer. I read his blog for the same reason I read this one;
the vision shit, slim pickins in blogtopia. I'll skip the dogma and bless our stylists, every last one.


When will other Leftists realize that NO ONE who deviates from MY particular reading of the political situation knows their sorry ass from their elbow. If you're not with me you're against me. Divided we stand.

Billmon can whine about the Dems 'cause he's an insider whose disgust only goes as far as venting. When little people like us actually give up on the Dems, we get the Stirling Newberry treatment.

If that is the distinguished Billmon above: you're right, truth is a defense. And you sir, are a priori synthetic a triangulating asshole for whom disaffection is just a branding strategy.

Have a nice day!

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