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By Owen Paine on Wednesday June 14, 2006 12:21 PM

Saw an uncanny echo of a recent post about politically "serious" people like Henry Kissinger. This one is from one Chris Bowers at mydd.com. Some excerpts (emphases are mine):
I just want to make one thing clear to some people who do not view MyDD as a place for thoughtful, strategic appreciation of the progressive movement: your days are numbered.

Do not consider MyDD a place to work out your frustrations that you cannot work out elsewhere.

Do not consider MyDD a place for random, open discussion of the latest news and current events.

Do not consider MyDD to be a message board for total progressive purity.

MyDD is, ultimately, a place for people who are serious about politics to congregate.

It is a place [for] serious discussion and debate on how to fix the horrifically dysfunctional progressive movement. While grassroots, MyDD is the blog for political progressives serious about political, progressive change to find one another, and to discuss how to make progressive change take place.

"Serious" is really one of those tipoff words like "mature," "practical," "realistic," "pragmatic" and so on -- a sure sign that some abyssal moral abjection impends.

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Yep, get ready for the purge at MyDD.Com. The cybercattle are gettin' a mite too restless and it's time for Bowers to cull the herd.

jesus reyes:

I dont pay 100% attention but I think this is the guy that is numero dos with kos and is pointman for Warner for the netroots. He probably angling for secretary of state

I agree with Alan Smithee. The Democratic blogs usually post some indigestible scold as part of or the subtle LOL announcement of a purge of one sort or another.

I clipped out a bit of the drool of Bowers and added it to post of mine earlier.

There are some good posters in threads but the boyos at MyDD are hilarious. They put just about anything in their FP posts.

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