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Full fathom five the Kerrys lie

By Owen Paine on Saturday June 10, 2006 04:33 PM

It's nearly a consensus now -- Clinton was the Dems' Ike, a me-tooer calling his version of Repub-lite "triangulation", and that's good news ...sort of.

Because me-too never survives a sea change, when even opportunists jump on the new bandwagon.

The locus classicus: Tricky Dick Nixon. His two Dem counterparts, Bill's twin veeps, St Hilland Green Al, both have that je ne sais quoi -- a kickaround undaunted resentful relentlessness that's quite Nixonian.

But then Kerry's '04 was no Goldy '64 -- but so what? Imagine if it had been Scranton or Rocky who had tumbled to LBJ in '64 -- either way, there'd have been the exact same '68. What with the 'Nam quag and the kneejerk pleb white sense of civil wrongs, the Dem cold war liberal hegemon was sure to blow apart. The donkey show boat was going over the falls, come rain or come shine, once and for ever.

So by analogy -- stick with me here -- even if we get sellout triangles in '08, like Gore or his sister solider St Hill, either one will have to be something other than Kerrywood II. It's another sea change time. Change, progressive change, is in the air. Six years after Dick took his plank walk in '74, we got the real total con deal when little red Ronnie Hood took center stage.

Extrapolating the parallel, we'll get a real prog in... 2020.

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Your Kos articles are hilarious and I love the title of your blog. Perhaps if you and the rest of the masses who don't vote went to the polls, things might change. Then again, Alameda County in CA is about to buy either Diebold or Sequoia machines...

William Wilson:

I am posting this here because I don't see any email link on your blog(maybe I just didn't see it) and wanted to pose a question and a few comments. Do you think it will be possible for the "paleoconservatives" and the non-Democrat leftists be able to set aside their differences in order to mount a credible threat to the current "two-party" (ha!) scam? History has proven both the "extreme right" and the "extreme" left correct over many issues which the major parties have lacked the courage to address (like the Middle East) and I think it's time that those opposed to the Republicrats set aside their differences in order to win elective offices.

I wish I could say that your prediction of another decade plus of this nightmare was wrong, but ...

Sadly, Americans seem to wake up only when people are THROWN into the streets, and even more sadly lying former Republican hacks like Markos and his front page jackyls have highjacked what could have been a worthy social experiment.

It is in the myriad small blogs where the real conversation takes place.

We'll be lucky if there's still a United States by 2020, considering the way things are going. Though it would probably be a lucky thing for the rest of the world if this craphouse of a nation just disintegrated already. >:

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