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Small fry

By Owen Paine on Saturday June 10, 2006 03:52 PM

Kos is the Al-Zarqawi of the jackass-kissing blonkery -- despised by his rivals for his fame, secretly pumped up by his targets at the top of the party.

Watching him strut around like a midget Cab Calloway, one is almost reminded of Sancho and his island governorship -- almost, but not quite, because Sancho, of course, though equally fooled is not equally a fool.

Surely Kos, like his throatcutting showoff terrorist counterpart, will also find himself fingered for virtual destruction by his colleagues. I just hope our brave front line reporter Father Smiff is on the spot when it happens.

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David Emanuel:

I "love" (if such words apply) this blog.

I especially "enjoy" (same caveat: divorce is painful but necessary) the blistering, revalatory dissections of the Kos-a Nostra.

StopMeBeforeIVoteAgain.com: The best "Macho Business Donkey Wrestler" in the game.

I'm sure that Kos will have a brilliant future helping the CIA take out those nasty Lefties on his continent of origin, once this demoblog biz isn't bringing in the big bucks anymore. Perhaps there will even be glitzy speaking engagements where he smiles forgiveness on his former "enemy," Holy Joe.

His true believers ? Well, a few will join him in the merit class buffet line, and the rest will go off to humbly scrub floors in the kitchen out back, still scratching their heads as they wonder where all their time and money went and what went wrong as they argue amongst themselves over whose turn it is to clean the toilets... :p

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