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Heh heh

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday June 7, 2006 02:50 AM

A few days ago we noted the pwogwessive euphoria over the candidacy of doughface immigrant-bashing War Democrat Francine Busby in California's ultra-reactionary 50th District.

The Republican incumbent is behind bars, the national Republican administration is about as popular as chlamydia, the Democratic Party has spent money like water in this classic angry white middle-class-asshole district -- and dear Francine seems to be losing, as we go to bed, by 50-45%.

The only thing remaining to complete my happiness would be if a third party were to blame for "spoiling" Francine's predestinate path of least resistance to Congress -- but alas, not so, apparently. The Dems have no one to blame in this case but themselves.

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js paine:

think we're in a box ???

imagine what it must have been like
to be a people's democrat
in 1847
one who favored slave state containment
watching as a yahooey
dixie controled democratic
was about to swallow
all of conquered north mexico

do the free soil party
ring any bells ???

OM F-ing G! Check out the caterwauling over at Daily Ko$. You'd think someone took their toy away.

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