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Our line's been changed again

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday June 7, 2006 03:20 PM

Daily Kos is getting to be more and more like the good old bad old Kremlin these days. The Great Kos-iet Encyclopedia, in particular, is undergoing a heavy airbrush treatment in the wake of Democratic white hope Francine Busby's defeat yesterday at the hands of Republican nonentity Brian Bilbray in a special election in California.

Here's Chairman Kos, speaking from atop Truman's tomb in Blue Square last week:

The Busby campaign is running this ad on wingnut radio:
Think lobbyist Brian Bilbray's a conservative when it comes to immigration? Think again. You see, even lobbyist Bilbray's conservative opponent stated that Bilbray "failed to pass any laws to stop illegal immigration during his 12 years as a career politician and lobbyist." ...You have a choice. Independent William Griffith is endorsed by the San Diego Minutemen and San Diego Border Alert because he opposes guest worker programs, amnesty and the hiring of illegal immigrants.
Pretty darn smart to offer up Griffith as an option to wingers in the district motivated by the immigration debate. This puppy will be so close that any Republican vote for Griffith is a vote for Busby.
The Glorious Leader goes on to provide "ten reasons why Bilbray is toast," which I will spare you.

That was then, this is now. Here's Kos today, insisting with the brazen assurance of a complete psychopath that he was right all along:

Well, it seems everything I've been saying for the last few months came to happen.... Democrats are not motivated to turn out. Sure, Busby exceeded Kerry's 43 percent he got in the district in 2004, but not by much.... Democrats have to be more aggressive. In tactics, in messaging, and, yes, even on the issues.
Don't you love that "even on the issues"? The great one goes on to quote his comrade-in arms Matt Stoller, marveling about how Bilbray (black hat, remember?) "ran to the left" of Busby (white hat -- I know, it's like a Russian novel) on immigration. Kos is amazed, amazed at this reversal of the natural order -- what's next, dogs and cats getting married? We are not to recall that a few days earlier, Kos himself, in the "pretty smart" item quoted above, was praising Busby (white hat) for running to the right of Bilbray (black hat) on immigration. Or maybe it's OK when a Democrat runs to the right of a Republican but bad when a Republican runs to the left of a Democrat. Glass half full, good. Glass half empty, bad.

Hey, nobody ever said Kremlinology was easy.

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Considering the astonishing gullibility of his followers it's a wonder that Ko$ even makes the effort to come up with these contorted rationalizations at all. He could just wave a bejeweled hand and say 'Jolly well forget what I said before. This is what you'll believe now.'

Tim D:

Wow first the purges, now this. I suppose the collectivization is coming soon...I wonder how many Kos-somolets will survive it?

I'm not a praying woman, but can't some Green win against some Democrat somewhere these idjits can't possibly ignore ? Please. I'll do anything, tithe anywhere, wear any impractical ecclesiastical garb required, eat ketchup and cottage cheese with Nixonian glee if that's what it takes. Just one upset to make these fuckwits choke on their sticky pre-chewed gobs of sour, lukewarm DLC oatmeal-- and I can go to my final reward, or at least my next temp job out in the middle of West Nowhere-- happy.

Tim D:

Ms. Xeno, Pat LeMarche (whom I'm not crazy about after the 2004 election - she was Cobb's running mate), just qualified for $1,400,000 in public funding for her campaign for governor of Maine. Perhaps she'll have a good chance of winning? Who knows. I really hope Zeese can win the senate seat here in MD, but he, like all the other greens, is facing an uphill battle.

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