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Now THIS is a party

By Owen Paine on Thursday June 8, 2006 06:51 PM

Saw this at Ms. Xeno's blog: She's forming anew party, the Shut The Fuck Up party. Besides having a fine slogan, it has some fine jobholder planks:
  • Cut the payroll tax for everyone who makes less than 100K per.
  • Raise the minimum wage and tie it to inflation.
  • Single-payer. Right now.
"Admit it," she says, "Howard could learn a lot from me." Indeed he could -- if he wanted to.

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[Bows.] Well, I got the idea from some exchange here, but I can't remember exactly which one. Anyway, rest assured that my party, unlike Nader's, won't betray the electorate by forgetting to send out all those post-donation refrigerator magnets and ice-scrapers. I'm pretty sure they'll be made in the U.S., too, unless Honduras gives me a really sweet deal, that is...

Once upon a time, it was Jim Hightower who brought the payroll tax idea to my attention. When he jumped on the Kerry bandwagon, though, I gave up on him. People who are more interested in supporting their franchises than supporting real change can collect their small change from somebody else. I'd rather funnel what little I've got to the animal shelter than help bankroll another fatuous round of ABB...

j s paine:

"People who are more interested in supporting their franchises "

hell they're mostly
not even
"their" franchises
ala kos ownership of the donk stable

any and and all
dem voter/rooter/fanaticos
little better
then trailblazer fans

when the owners move
the outfit right out from under em
they'll find out
what role
their support really played ..... rube's lucre

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