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Pied pipers

By Owen Paine on Thursday June 8, 2006 06:10 PM

I'm just back from a visit to a couple blockbuster Dem-Prog sites, and it seems to your humble ranter here that the main currents in the comment streams there -- at least the ones planning on going anywhere, not just house cleaning and troll hunting -- run markedly to the left of the top posters.

I think the notion these sites are fraud packs, as several commenters have suggested here, prolly rates a full "yup", but more than that are we dealing with any plain vanilla cutouts here? Setups from scratch built by corporate Dems with intent to drain the radical prog vein?

I recall the SDS days when the "media" seemed forever flawlessly able to spot light the biggest, most movement-retarding sellout egomaniacs.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

The nominally rebellious donk liberal bloggers who got in on the ground floor, and are now charging $3,000 a month for a single sidebar ad, showed the way. They were entrepreneurial in the political market place. Now that their method has been proven, the risk averse corporate donks are plunging in with ham-handed perception management and honeypot sites.

A corporate orthodoxy also attracts self-appointed enforcers, eager shills and career-hungry bootlickers. These are pathetic people, who are destined to be bench warmers and errand boys. When the creatures in the DLC zombie room get restless, the second-stringer donklets will be shoved in for a little sport.


another nice mess u've made
j alva
with your chipmuck rake

your sentences read like a 19th century
circus caravan

J. Alva Scruggs:

I've been reading Jacob Burckhardt. The affect is contagious.

I suppose it's possible, but all the games of musical COINTELPRO acusations are what have pretty much driven me off the local Indymedia chapter for good. Well, their drooly frat-boy sexism didn't help matters much, either...

It's impossible to tell who, if anyone, is astroturfing for who, so I prefer to avoid idle speculation. I have, fwiw, been on webistes where your average discussion about boycotting the GAP or its ilk will suddenly be graced with some fresh-faced newbie who wants to talk about throwing molotovs and what not. Are these people really cop-sponsored plants who think that every boycotter is just one flattering remark away from throwing bombs ? Are they trolls ? In either case, do they really think that if I were palpitating to throw bombs, I'd be enough of an idiot to discuss it with them online ?


js paine:

for the record i don't think they're cut outs

some cloaked body
of daring doers
backing the dlc
or even one of the more
long nailed
amerikan dick pullerys don't need to go to the time or expense

i think these outfits
can be counted upon
to sprout spontaneously


just some dark flowers
from the demon seeds
constantly broadcast
by our
inevitably incomplete
and conflicted
colective mind's garden


beware the poisonous plants

they grow everywhere in countless variety
on a mass scale
in the fertile soil
of our very own
self constructed
social reality

welcome visitors
uncle sam's amerika

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