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The none-of-the-above bloc

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday June 24, 2006 09:22 PM

ms_xeno writes:
If I had ample time and resources to recruit potential voters and activists wherever I wanted to, I definitely wouldn't waste time in echo-chambers like Alternet. I am so bloody sick and tired of their colossal laziness, stupidity, bullying, guilt-mongering and above all-- their smug, implacable belief that their overlords own anybody who's ever voiced a progressive view or voted Dem. I'd go among non-voters before I'd waste time with these people. They need more deprogramming than any of us can provide, I fear. If you caught a non-voter before he or she started reading the tracts, you might have a chance. With pwogs, there ain't even that much to hope for...

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You got that right-in-one, Ms X. Face-to-face, it's much easier to talk turkey with non-voters. Like Dittoheads (whom they much resemble) Pwogs are by-and-large cultist no-hopers. Their head has been in echochamber so long they no longer have a thought to call their own.


Absolutely. None-Of-The-Above gets a substantial plurality of votes in all American elections, and has for a long time. People aren't stupid, you know, unless they're made so by dogma.

js paine:

the expression echo chamber
has its nice qualities
surely not least of which is its truth

but what about
superficial modifications ...

are retail shops after all

and what actually bothers me is the lack of
a nice up front
national franchise uniformity

what in
other words bothers me
is the utterly flimsy efforts at target customization
to use a bushism
their quest for
.... unique-ry

" come more our way "
is not felt for
the gut grinding
dark noise it is..

and this bothers me
at least as much

by changing their portion sizes
house specials
and packaging in countless dialects

these impish differentials
require a constant series of outings
to stay ahead of
the latest arm
of multi-pus

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